777B After States Reveal

So following up after the PA state championship, on March 1st, we decided to create a reveal for our 2013-14 robot, our last one in our VEX robotics career, since it’s our senior year.

The Specs:

1:1.6 (for torque) Direct Drive
4 393’s
Holonomic Drive
Octagon Base

Elevator Style
1:1.6 (for torque) Chain geared
.25" Drive sprocket
Solid Aluminum (except linear slides)

Conveyor style Intake

Pneumaticly actuated large ball forks
=Mounted to the base folds down and allows us to hang with a large ball
Pneumaticly tilted arm tower
=Two pistons attached to the arm tower allowed us to pivot the tower and
Easily fit under the 12" while still being 18x18x18
Passive hanging hooks
=Allow us to reach the 40" and high hang with a ball

As you can see we are a very unique design. This year being our last we wanted to try things that we never had before, and being in an area that is dominated by a team with robots that are the generic 6 bar with a NZ style intake and a 6 motor drive we wanted to stand out. And stand out we did
Of the 6 competitions that we attended we won a design award at 5 and a tournament champion at 1! With the design the maneuverability it gave us was incredibly helpful, and the elavator lift allowed us to high hang with a ball in ~8-9 secs with no back drive, one of the few teams in our area with this ability, and the fastest one I believe too!
Unfortunately due to a few circumstances at the state tournament we were only able to take it to four rounds in the quarter finals against the first seed, and were only awarded a create award, no world qualifying awards…
If we were able to qualify a few changes we would have done would include switching the entire base to aluminum (to save weight, since we had issues crossing the bump due to the ~30% power loss with the octagon base) and creating a new large ball holder to better manipulate them.
**Here’s some pictures we took of the bot after states: **

And if there is enough requests we can work at putting up some of our quarter-final matches, though since the event was livestreamed there may be a VoD or other teams videos online :stuck_out_tongue:

Any questions feel free to ask!

Very cool and innovative design!
Did you have issues with both batteries on one side?
Were the large ball forks connected to the base or the lift? Were you able to lift large balls over the barrier?
Were you able to score out of the front and back?

BTW, what do you mean by: “1:1.6 (for torque)”? Torque is usually specified as 1:1 and speed is usually specified as 1.6:1.
Are your lift and drive geared for torque, and your intake for speed?

And yeah we did, that was another thing we were gonna change with the base: all aluminum and distribute the weight more evenly.

With our intake we didn’t have a ton of room so we mounted the forks to the base, so we couldn’t move the large balls over the barrier but we were able to manipulate a ball so that it was descored at the end of the match, though it took some work.

We were able to score out the front and rear but chose the rear to score from to save time (didn’t have to extend to full height)

Whoops sorry, I thought that internal gearing for 393’s was 1:1.6 and internal gearing for speed was 1.6:1 :stuck_out_tongue:
But yes the drive and lift are internally geared for torque with 1:1 ratios, and the intake is also 1:1 from 2 269’s

I’d love to see some videos of this robot in action. Very unique; I like that :wink:

Wow, that’s actually a really impressive robot. I’d love to see it in action. :slight_smile:

Man, you can really tell the time and effort put into that design! It’s quite unique through the range of designs I have seen engineered this year.

Your fast hanging system is what really catches my eye. eight to nine seconds you say? I can’t wait to see that robot maneuver in action. Over all I’d say your work is very diligent and well thought out, also, those pictures are really nice :wink:

That’s really cool.
it’s like a cross between 1103’s roundup robot and 3129’s gateway robot.
Keep up the good work!

We saw you guys at PA State Champs while scouting. This is the most unique Toss Up design I’ve ever seen! Definitely deserving of the Create award. Well done!

Agreed! That chain lift is something I don’t see much of anymore. TECHNAPWN had something like this for Gateway, too.

Sorry about the late response guys had a long weekend:p
I’ll edit this post probably later tonight and get those videos up!
It’ll be of our quarter final matches which were our best of the tournament!

Does the live stream show time stopping at 12 seconds? It was like a Dr Who epsiode! :cool:

I thought you had them after that first match. Well played.

Really good looking robot guys. I always liked X-Drives :wink: definitely reminds me of 1103 with the pneumatically tilting arm… Nice job!!

Alrighty Guys! Here you go, we were only able to get two of our quarter final matches taped and we wanted to post these since they were our best played matches.
In the first video we started blue goal zone (partners 1414A), and the second video we started blue hanging zone (partners 4001A).

Any questions feel free to ask!!

:: PA State Championship :: QuarterFinals Round 1 of 4 :: - YouTube