7793R Pre-Worlds Reveal

Normally I don’t do video reveals, but after seeing others videos I thought I’d give it a shot. It didn’t turn out that well though. It’s my first time qualifying for worlds and also my first time editing a video. Music and footage editing needs work.

Here it is though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjvQo9JSsn0

4 393 drivetrain with transmission
1.67:1 speed and 0.6:1 torque
never has stalled out

4 393 six bar

2 393 magic intake
ruiqi roller based design
they can pick up large balls without a wall or bump, in the video my workshop is in a metal shop and the dust gets everywhere
with clean balls and rollers it is a lot faster than seen in the reveal

2 piston front catapult
two air tanks, gets ~15 shots

dongles knock over large balls when passing forward 100%

6 autonomous programs

flip out anti tip

Cool anti tip device thingy also do you know ho much you base weights with your transmission (it looks really light). Your robot does a wheelie too!

The entire robot is 15.5 pounds.

Hello there,

It is quite hard to tell in your video but are the motors for your intake geared for torque or speed?


they are geared for torque.

Love the bot ! :smiley:

guessing lift is 4 x HT motors ?

good luck in Anaheim, hope to see you in action.

yes it is 4 393’s on torque

cool ! strong lift :smiley:

How’d you make those things to hit the big ball off the 12" barrier? Anyway really cool robot. I love the anti-tip mechanism

to make the dongles that knock off the large balls, I used 3 flexable joint pieces and attached it to the arm, and sandwiched both sides of the joints with metal. Then i attached standoffs in what you see as what is sticking out of the base of the arms.

Do you have any close ups of it?


DAT mega zoom

Yes, dat mega zoom. :rolleyes:

I noticed in the video that the goals are actually on the field wrong. They should be in the middle of the second tile from the wall, not between the first and second tiles on the wall.

Also I used to be able to do that wheelie thing when I had anti-tip bars too. It was hilarious!

Great looking robot, but I got to say, that music made me laugh so hard :smiley:

Thanks. Good luck at worlds!

hm, not sure if thats a good thing :frowning:

Darn, time to change my middle zone autonomous code, at worlds.

Do you have a lock for hanging?