7842B Mid-Season Reveal

Check out our new design in our reveal!

7842B Reveal

I live your lift design. We use four motors just for a lift, not counting the mechanism that allows us to internally stack. Having both run off of the same motors is really cool

Yeah we decided to use this design for that exact reason. @SamuelC (7842D) thought up this design and we decided that it would be a great way to save motors while still having internal stacking capabilities.

That’s really innovative, I like it a lot. I’m just not sure about the efficiency of going all the way over the top and coming down. Theoretically it can be good if it’s fast enough. There definitely seems to be some usefulness to coupling motors for separate mechanisms this year.

I think the wasted efficiency of going all the way up every time we score in made up for by the concentrated motor power.

@August (7842D) how many motors do you have on your goal intake?

Two, geared one to three externally.