7842D Late Season Reveal | RI3D

Team 7842D presents our late season robot in 3 days. We had 3 days with about 5.5 hours each to build, program, drive, tweak, & film the reveal.
Thanks to 2D and 50000 for helping to upset the first place alliance in semifinals at our provincial competition qualifying us for worlds.
None of the clips in the reveal have been sped up.

7842D Members:
Samuel Crouch
August McClellan
Maggie Johnson

Jacob Thornton from 7842A helped a lot with building as well.

Thats really amazing

That is great, esp for an RI3D

Your driver is smooth AF

Awesome! Probably the best Ri3D of all time. (More like Ri1D given your 5.5 hour constraint)
Nice work on the star knocker.
What’s your latest driver skills score?

Thanks for all the kind words.

We’ve only had a chance to run 2 skills runs so far.
The lift jammed in the first one (fixed now).
The second one I still had barely any practice and got a lot in the near zone so we ended up with 47 points.

So you are running a 1:5 lift with high speed motors? So essentially a 1:3.125 lift?

That is correct. Our claw has the same ration aswell.

Does your star knocker latch into place when folded out, or is it just elastic tension?

What are those white wheels on the front of the robot from? I’ve been seeing them on a couple robots lately

They’re “custom omni wheels”, made with nylon spacers and the pulley

They’re just held up by the tubing. It saves us from getting caught in the fence sometimes. It flicks up and knocks stars if I’m right at the fence and I turn, like at 1:10 in the video.

The first place that I saw them was in 5327B’s reveal in February.
They work really well, except that the spacers pop off sometimes, so we drilled holes through the pulley wheel and zap strapped the zap straps with the spacers down.

Have you had any overload problems?

I’m not sure that I understand you question.
Are you asking if we ever grab too many objects to lift? As in over-loading the lift.

I was refering to the drive

The driving around while flipped is really cool. Never thought of doing that (we’ve had an X-drive for most of the season)

As in do we stall the drivetrain?
It stalled once, but I’m not worried about it happening in a match.
I’m going to add slew rate controls to my code to minimize the chances.

Oh my… Now this scary piece came up right out of nowhere. Dang, very impressive and fast! I also like your sweepers as well. So what is your capacity of the system? (Without any assistance of stacking on top)

Have you qualified for worlds yet?

The capacity stated at the end of the video is our proven capacity in a match we could do more if we stacked stuff on top. All the limits are shown in the reveal.
7 Stars
1 Cube + 3 Stars
2 Cubes
All from being spread out in the court.

Yes, we qualified for worlds with our previous robot 3 weeks ago.

My forehead is bleeding.