7842D Skills GoPro View

Last Saturday, my teammate @August (7842D) brought his GoPro to the South Island Challenge.
Here’s the recording of our robot skills run.
Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do to improve our score at the next competition at the end of January? We will be able to hang by then.

Thanks to our alliance partners 1010Z & 50000, we won that competition.
I accidentally ran our autonomous program rather than our skills program during programming skills, so we only got 7 points there :stuck_out_tongue:

What was your score there??

35 points in driving alone.
I’m really bad at knocking off the fence stars.
I can reliably grab and score 3 stars if they’re spread out.
Up to 5 if they’re already clumped together.

a bit of practice and programming a good code can really boost the score…
good luck

35 points combined or just driving?

Just driving.
I believe that it was 4 cubes in the far zone, 6 stars in the far zone, and 7 stars In the near zone.