7853D NCC-101-B Teaser

Here is our teaser.

I love how it can dump 12 stars while hanging while blocking the opponent. How did you do this with a 1:2 speed ratio?

Sorry, I’m not sure that’s going to pass inspection. :stuck_out_tongue: Great robot though!

Did you get your flywheel up to 10 bps yet?

EDIT: Sorry, my bad, meant 10 cps.

What gear ratio is that? 1:20? It seems very slow. Also how does your bot fit in 18x18x18 it seems to big.

Amazing! NBN making a comeback.

Very Impressive, looks like I have a rebuild coming up!!! are those side rollers???

Ummm… World’s Bot… Flywheel???

Its surpizing how easy it is to grab diffrent sized objects jacks, cubes, skyrise cubes ect.

Single flywheel? Imaging haveing a hood lol

Side rollers are a must.

We are working on it.

It’s about 10.8 CPS and 11 SPS