7862Z Autostack Code Full Release 1/28/2018

I’m moving on from this project, so have fun with whatever you can scrap/use out of this. I’ve probably spent a good two and a half months on this, and for the most part it actually worked. It was just a bit too inconsistent for my liking from cone 7 and up, so I’m off to find another solution more suitable for the… quality of my current robot. I won’t be answering many questions regarding what things do / where things are right now, but if I decide at a later date to explain some things I’ll update the OP.

7862Z’s semi-automated robot code as of 1/28/2018. Includes single-button match-load stacking, single-button field-cone stacking, and automatic mobile goal intaking. The project started to slowly spiral out of hand, and so I’ve decided to make it public as I’m starting into a new system that should work better for our current robot. I may come back to this later if I make another, more consistent robot.

Was this written in pros?


@Beeksie68763A I saw your question on the RobotC tech forum and I think this might be a good place to start.
Look through and see how I manage “iConeStack”, which is my internal cone counter, most notably in “dTasks.h” and “dAutonomous.h”.


@DylanTheTactician thanks man, I stayed up last night to write a program that runs a loop that checks the value of a count variable, and lifts to a height based on the value of the variable. at the end of the loop i have Count=Count+1. Im hoping that i will get it working by saturday, for our last qualifying tournament. thanks for the help

Dylan, great program! Also, thank you for sharing. I always respect engineers with the “open-source” mentality and in my eyes that is so much more important than the “competitive-edge” one gets from holding stuff back. Really excellent work, I’ll certainly be implementing some of these features into my code.

Robotc Tho … :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :wink:

Thank you

I agree with you to an extent but you always have to remember to keep at least one ace up your sleeve

If you notice aPROS.h it’s my list of proxy commands for easing myself into PROS, I’ll be using it after the end of this game