7862Z Concept Reveal

So, nothing too special here excepts rollers done better than I’ve seen yet and a potential passive internal stacker (I call it the PivotStack) if someone else wants to work out the kinks of that (since i’m sure as hell not going to, i’m goin’ rollers)

has a few critical flaws that don’t allow this robot to work 100% rn but they’re all small things that can be easily fixed
take what you will from this, and from Antichamber’s rollers of whose are based off of mine (once he decides to show his off)

Concept Video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3PQlouOZ6n-M0lRVWMzTWdMdHM/view?usp=sharing

Break a leg folks

Love the concept. I am very interested to see what other people will do with this. Good work :smiley:

Oh if anyone’s curious on the flaws, 1. I have a c channel in the way of stacking more than 1 cone and 2. when driving with the arm up it swings harder than a Count Basie chart if you know what i mean

My 8 bar does the same thing.

How efficient is the tread intake compared to a traditional claw? It seems a bit unorthodox to me.

Is there anything wrong with unorthodox?

Not necessarily, just an unusual-looking design that makes me questions its efficiency. Definitely not saying there is anything wrong with it. I would just like to know how good it is.

If you look at how traditional internals cycle you may be surprised at how efficient this can be.

I get the concept, but I’m yet to see it in action to prove itself. Hope it does well!

I’ve got something cooking up in my build space that you would like to see once complete

Looks great! Interesting idea, I love seeing teams going against the current meta.

Oh yeah i got this working fairly well
Once the A/V teacher finally lets me have a video camera i’ll put some footage out there

Thanks for all the comments