7983G base

Hey guys heres a video of our base. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vGomYnlpvo Its not 100% done, theres still some parts and sensors to add but this is the basic concept. Plus theres a cool explosion at the end :D. Just hoping to get some constructive criticism. Also as you can see in the video we have a gyroscope on the base but its not currently programmed to do anything so I was hoping someone could explain how to program a gyroscope. We will continue to post updates of our build on our utube channel so check it out. Thanks

The page 404ed.

The utube channel url is below

Do you know how to fix that?

Not really sure. The link is broken but I can access the video through your channel.

Also, nice base! It looks quite speedy. What kind of lift/intake do you guys plan on using?

Alright it should work now

Thanks. We are almost done with a scissor right now

if you used c channel instead of the angle pieces along the sides and back of the chassis and put the encoders at the back instead of front you’d get more intake space

Currently how wide is your intake space? im guessing around 7"?

Thats true. We don’t have 8in of clearance. I don’t think c channels will make much of a difference plus mounting the 45 degree bars would be much harder. But moving the encoders could help for sure. We would have to make more room because currently they don’t fit in the back