7983G midseason reveal

Hi everyone this is team 7983g. We haven’t posted a video since summer so we here’s a reveal of our current robot. It’s a single wheel flywheel with a top roller intake. We currently have 255 points in driver skills along with a 2 ball/sec rate of fire from the middle of the field and close up shots but can only shoot slightly under 1 ball/sec for full field shots. We just finished building this iteration last week and our programmer was sick until the day before the competition so we only had a few hours of real programming. So we definitely plan to improve the full field rate of fire and accuracy and should beat our skills score at the next competition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLHqbAmHolQ
Here’s the reveal if you have any questions I will try to answer them below. Thanks

Great robot, do you guys plan on building a lifting mechanism?

Thanks, and yes I’m planning to try an idea when we get back from break. Whether or not it will work remains to be seen

Alas, that is how every good design is

Well, we’re screwed next week.

Can y’all go easy?

Wow your robot looks really consistent and well-built. What ratio and how many motors did you use for the flywheel to achieve such a nice fire rate?

Thanks. We used a 25:1 ratio with 5 motors

Thank you. Would you say using 2 5" wheels instead of 1 for the flywheel helped the shooting?

It will help in terms of shooting speed since it has more mass and more inertia than the one 5 inch wheel.
Thanks to Newton’s law of inertia an object with more inertia is more resistant to changes in acceleration. So it will take longer for it to get up to speed. When it is up to speed it will not slow down as much because it is more resistant to changes in its acceleration allowing you to have a faster fire rate. This makes sense because it is easier to push a little rock than a boulder. Though at this point other things like the coefficient of friction come into play. Oh and also keep friction at a minimum while doing this. You do not want friction fighting the flywheel. So keep it minimum so minimal.

For us the two flywheels has worked really well, like David_5839A was saying it helps with the inertia of the flywheel, and that combined with the 1 to 25 we are using works really well, but our flywheel is actually the weight of 3 flywheels due to the clutch that we are running on the flywheel to prevent damage to the motors. And in case you don’t want to click in my little bio thing I’m the driver and I do some building for my team, 7983G

How does the clutch work. Are you using torque gears?

We are using a ratchet setup for the clutch, so it uses which uses the gear that catches on one side and slips on the other with the little green angled piece (which could be a torque gear I don’t remember) but instead of the little green piece that is made for that gear we are using a modified pillow block to act in it’s place. Then just rubber bands to work the clutch mechanism.

oh like what 1727b has ok

Great robot and great consistency and accuracy.

I was just on the vex database. 7983G now has the 3rd highest driver skills and 4th programming skills.
Is that with the same robot, but improved? Or is this something new?

Never mind, I found the recently posted video.

This is essentially the same design just fine tuned and with a rebuilt intake. We plan to post our skills run on this thread soon.

All videos of skills runs and finals matches can be seen here.

Great finals matches guys :wink:

Wow… The skills runs are amazing!

Evidently, you guys shot into the blue goal on red and red starting tile on blue. Did you find that this increased your accuracy?