7998C Robot Reveal

Here’s Our Reveal… Enjoy :smiley: link text
7998C reveal.jpg

Awesome! I really like your use of the worm gears to adjust angle! Any plans for elevation?

No, we will be using this design at US Open.


I like how simple it is. Nothing complicated, nothing super fancy, but just sheer working parts and just what is needed. Good work.

I’ve really wanted to weigh it. I know it is all aluminum though. Ill see if I can weigh it sometime soon.

Have Fun at US Open :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Michael :slight_smile:

Also, our team is in the middle school division due to slots being full in the High School division. I saw that your middle school team was in the middle school division too so I will love to see how they do. :slight_smile:

I hope you have fun at Worlds :slight_smile:

I’m hoping they do well.

I hope they do too

Great reveal. Good luck at US Open!

Thank you :slight_smile: Good luck at Worlds!