8 bar lift?

What is an 8 bar lift and its strengths and weaknesses?

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But, to answer your question (to the best of my limited knowledge), an 8-bar lift is like an extension of a 6-bar lift, which that is basically an extension of a 4-bar lift. I have a picture below, but basically it is like if you stacked three pairs of 4-bar lifts together.
The strengths of something like an 8-bar lift is the robot will be able to have a massive arm. For example, during the 2021/2022 season Tipping Point, the meta was 6-bar lift, but there were also a lot of 4-bars and some 8-bars. 8-bars allowed bots to grab a mobile goal and lift it way into the air, making it incredibly easy to put the goals on the seesaws on either side of the field. And since it folds very easily when built right, doesn’t take a huge amount of room.
However, it is not the easiest build to get right, and can easily be done wrong (aligning something incorrectly, which may stress the arm, motors, limit the elevation/depression, etc.). It is also most likely going to be very heavy, and especially when extended all the way, might make the center of mass very skewed up high, so basically it’ll be top-heavy and become very easy to tip over.
Overall, its a good build if you dont have the parts/knowledge or same applicational use for a scissor lift (or a Double Reverse 4 Bar/DR4B), but definitely be careful because of the weight distribution and even the power requirements for “healthily” lifting the arm up or down (not stressing a motor or motors).


Buddy do you even lift? If not, read this



Assuming this is coming from the context of Over Under, this video may tell you exactly what you need to know, specifically from around the 3 minute mark and on: