(8 motor drive all turbos V4 and 1:1 ) or ( 8 motor drive all high speed 3:5 V4)

My coach wants to use all turbo motors with an 8 motor drive with a 1:1 ratio, however I believe that an 8 motor drive with a 3:5 ratio with all high speed motors can match up with 5V more effectively( all V4 btw). He says it’s the same thing and that I’m waisting my time with my newly 5:3 built base and that my motors will probably burn out quicker with my design or at least the same, am I wrong ?

According to my 11 pm napkin math. 160 rpm motors geared 5:3 would not produce the same output as 240 rpm motors 1:1. 160 rpm 5:3 would actually provide slightly more torque than 240 rpm 1:1, and thus being able to match up to V5 easier.nvm 160 5:3 would be faster but have less torque than 240 1:1

In general I would stay away from external gear ratios on drives, but if you are using 8 motors it is unavoidable (unless you have an 8 wheel drive, which is always a “no”).

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Thank you for the feedback, I’ll consider the turbos then, whatever keeps us on that paltform and lets us get on quickly cause our current 6 motor drive 1:1 is super slow and struggles to get up