8 motor lift vs 6 motor lift?

my team is currently designing our bot and were wondering about the lift. we have a 4 bar that is 5:1 and high speed, but we wanted to either do a dumper bot with 4 drive and 8 lift or a claw bot with 4 drive, 6 lift, and 2 claw. Any opinions?

You don’t need 8 motors on the lift. 6 is good enough. As for your intake, you need to decide what to do yourself.

4 wheel drive, 2 motor claw, 4-6 motors on the claw arm. If you use 4 motors for the claw arm, use the two extra motors for lift/hang. Not too hard. If you use 6, I’m sure you can still find a way for your claw arm to double as a lift/hang. Be Innovative!

We were planning that if we had an 8 motor lift we can try to hang cuz that’s a lot of torque

I do think that 1:5 with speed is overkill, 1:5 with speed is 1:3.6. You should be good with six motors 1:5 torque

we prototyped a 6 motor lift but we found it difficult to hang with the amount of rubber bands we used, that why we were thinking 8 motors becasue its gonna have torque to hang and it will be able to do a lot of elements at once and will be good at blocking other dumpers and claw bots.

I can confirm that you can hang with 8 motors at a 1:5 speed, and even use a few rubber bands on your lift. If you tune it right, you can even get cubes in the far zone easily.

Our bot had 6 motor drive (tubro&3.25in), 4 motor lift (With latex assist), and 2 motor claw. 4 motors suited us well, but we were not able to high hang

we have temporarily put 8 motors on our dumper (7:1 turbo’s) if you decide to go with 8 you could probably pull off 5:1 and still hang. or 6 turbo’s (5:1).

4 is sufficient.

@Manitha does 8 motor turbo really have enough torque to lift a robot up to hang and score objects to the far zone, like a cube and 2 stars or like 5 stars to the far zone? Like 7:1 or 5:1? Thnks in advance

For the 4 motor lift, what would a good ratio be? My team is currently going with 9:1 for torque, but we haven’t tested it yet. Thoughts?


It all depends on build quality and elastics. If you want to play it safe, 1:7. If you are alright with putting in time to fine tune, 1:5. Perhaps you could even do 1:5 speed, but for what you’re doing, I’d recommend 1:5.

Honestly, our team is considering a 4 or 6 motor lift geared torque 1:5 about 2 or 3 motors on each side. If we use 4-6 depending on how much we may carry and hang, we have 6-8 more motors left. So, just go with something that you want.

In my opinion, before doing anything else, you should realize how much change a couple of motors can make. If you are moving from 2 motors to 4, it’s a 2x power increase. If you are moving from 4 motors to 6, it’s a 1.5x increase. If you are moving from 6 motors to 8, it’s only a 1.33x increase… In my opinion, a 1.3x difference isn’t really that much if you are talking about motors, but the only time I’d see you wanting to switch to 8 motors instead off 6 is if you have extra motors so you want to make it easier on the lift, or the lift is almost barely able to lift. Otherwise, I think it will be more useful if you’d add those extra two for the drive instead of the lift because it will be a 1.5x increase :stuck_out_tongue: .

@Mudkip i personally dont recomend 1:5 with 4 motors, we have about 27 bands on each side of the lift. And it still struggles to lift cubes/4 stars im switching to a 1:7 gear ratio today

We have experimented with 6 motor but it was difficult to hang cuz our bot is heavy so we r trying out 8 motors now

well our design only has enough space for a cube or like 3 stars but we can easily get them in the far zone and lift. we are not using any rubber bands, and yes we can hang. that is with 6 turbo’s ( 1:7) with 8 turbo’s we can lift 2 cubes if we want to, but our robot will tip over at that point. one more note is that our robot is sub 12lbs

As what I see, one of the best gear ratios will be 6 motors and a 12:84 ratio would be enough to be able to do a high hang if you have a very light robot. I suggest maybe trying to remove weight if that’s not possible… Otherwise I don’t think that a 12:60 ratio is enough, like you’re are seriously slimming the limits by even having turbo with 12:84