8 Motor Turbo Base Overheating

We are using and 8 motor turbo base with 2 motor mobile lift and four inch wheels. It ways around 8.8 pounds and stalls out within minutes. There is practically no friction either. Any though on what may potentially be causing this?

Can you send a picture of your drive gearbox? I think that will be useful with this topic.

Yeah it’s a 1:1 with four 36 tooth high strength gear rear wheel drive, chained to the front wheel.

Send pictures, make sure all motors are running in the same direction. If one on each side is the wrong way it might still work but drive badly. I’ll be at John Tyler Saturday as a ref, so I might be able to help in the morning.

Do the motors stall out as individuals or in large chunks? Cortex PTCs could be being tripped. Are your motors evenly distributed on each side of the cortex? Ex, are motors in 2 and 9, 3 and 8, 4 and 7, etc.?

Yes there are divided by sides of the base… left on 1-5 and right on 6-10. This isn’t our competition robot but a project one that we’d use later on.

Only one motor on the right side trips then the whole thing does.

Have you tried running each motor on its own to make sure it is going the right direction?

I’d recommend double checking all of your motors and motor controllers. Usually when I have a problem like that, it’s because a motor is old/broken, or a motor controller isn’t always enabling the motor to move (this has happened multiple times on my school teams’ mobile goal lifts, for whatever reason).

Also, make sure each motor is internally turbo. I know it sounds silly, but if even one motor is torque or hi-speed internally, it would explain everything.

Yeah I’ve done that as well. I just replaced one motor so I’ll try checking it’s motor controller for defections.

@PatriotHS6603F If you’d like, you may private message me a picture of your drivetrain gearbox(I already have my robot built, and I’m not planning on rebuilding until next season, so no worries :wink: ). Otherwise, I may not be able to figure out an exact cause as to why your base is overheating other than a couple motors turning the wrong direction.

Sounds good

No traction, we tried a too godly gear ratio and it didn’t work cuz there wasn’t enough torque.

Unless a motor is either turning the wrong way or is simply not working at all, I cannot imagine why this would be. 621C used to have a heavier robot than that with a 6 motor turbo drive using 4" wheels and never had a burn out problem. Now they are a lighter robot and even faster than before using 6 turbo motor. With the heavier robot, they used to play a lot of defense and get into pushing matches and still never tripped the PTCs. There must be a mechanical, coding, or wiring issue somewhere. I hope you get it figured out.

It could also potentially be how you have your motors spread out over the cortex. The cortex has two ptc’s; one on ports 1-5 and the other on ports 6-10. So if you’re putting most of your motors on just one of those ptc’s that could possibly be causing issues.

Thank you. We are planning on taking the motors off on the base and checking for a bad motor controller somewhere.