8 motors

I haven’t built my design yet but I plan on using 8 motors for a holonomic drive. I am going to go for speed/ torque. Big to medium (maybe). Any feedback/suggestions? I thought I might be going overboard with 8 motors.

Rambot: I’d be kinda surprised it you really need 8 motors for drive. If this is a robot planned for cleansweep then you shouldn’t really need much torque as there is no contact between “enemy” robots.

Additionally, for CS, there is a limitation of 2 y splitters, meaning that you would require at least 6 motor ports for your drive, which doesn’t leave much room left over for functionality.

If you’re not planning for cleansweep then 8 motors would give you lots of torque on each motor, but I’m unsure that a holonomic drive made out of omniwheels would give you enough grip to transfer the torque to the matting. Mecanum wheels would do the trick due to a better orientation to drive.

You do need torque depending on your robot’s weight. The heavier it is the more torque you’ll need. It’s not just about having torque only to smash into other robots.

RambotX, if you’re building your robot for a CS competition, then yes, you went overboard with the 8 motors. Just because the motor limit is 10, then you’ll be left with 2 motors to work with the actual “ball-grabbing” mechanism. Unless of course, you plan to do it with the 2 motors. But then again, I consider 8 motors to be too much for a CS competition hollonomic robot. I’d go for 4 motors and making a neat gear ratio that fit to your needs.

unless hes doing one of the “wall bots”
i think 4 motor holonomic is too slow (or no torque if you gear it up) for heavier robots
but i dont think you can do a 6 motor drive with a holonomic…
i think 6md for a regular drive will be powerful enough
but if you ARE making a wall and dont need much motors (spring loaded mechanism)
then i think sparing 8 motors for the drive is fine