8 Point Autonomous 95% Success ClawBot


I’ve previously posted on here about our autonomous run. Our team has successfully created an **8 point autonomous **using a simple clawbot design with about 95% success rate. That 5% fail happens sometimes when you put a 8.0V+ battery in and you don’t do some small adjustments.

We still plan to plop down the preload cube onto the post and make it a 12 pointer if possible. I’ve created mini controller loops to make sure the arm and claw go the same position every single time.

The end with the cube was a small test to see if it could get it with a cube. Some adjustments need to be made but it will work.

What kind of sensors are being used? That’s a pretty awesome success rate!

Some sensors we used:

  • Shaft Encoder
  • Ultra Sonic
  • Potentiometer
  • Button
  • Gyroscope

Yes! Originally we had a 12 pointer but the success rate was very low… I re-programmed the whole autonomous using new control loops and safety procedures to make sure the autonomous was more effective.

An 8 point autonomous at 95% is better then a 12 point autonomous at 30%

This isn’t the final version though. Its way to slow to be the final version. I will upload the final version once I’m finished!

Can you share a sample of your code?

All Hail the ClawBot

Looks good for the start of the match, how do you do in the driver portion?

What kind of speed do you get driving around?