8000 hoarding compilation

7842F were able to put together a wonderful compilation that featured the capabilities of the 4 (out of 6) hoarding robots we brought to worlds this year. If we’re not feeling lazy we might do a full detailed reveal of our robots. Unfortunately, none of our teams were able to make it to the dome, with 8000A coming the closest. Making to Science division finals as the 7th seed before falling to 1010x, 7700R, and 6007 in 3 very intense matches. If you have any questions about the robot feel free to ask. We thought it was fairly unique and that it was pretty exciting to watch. Hope you guys enjoyed!
Here’s the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VR9xMyd0BL8

185A vs 8000 who wins? @Owenasian @Mark185A

8k because when they dump the stars actually go on the other side :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooooooo… Roasty Toasty up in er… lol

To be fair I think they were about a foot taller. If there was ever a robot capable of blocking ours it might have been theirs. Would definitely want to see that match though.

185 was taller?


185a always worked when playing against 8059z :confused:

I have to say I love watching the referees and field techs taking videos of your robots dumping during match play. You had everybody watching at the tournament. Great to see an interesting engineering approach to the game!

Hearing the audience scream when 8000X went to score in the Arts division was truly amazing.

Lol they didn’t include the match that 8000Z got disqualified in…

Have you seen a video? Link?

I’m honestly really disappointed that none of these bots made it to the finals…

5:55:10, Quals match 142, Math Division

“I’m not a fan of being hit by falling stars, but that was almost worth it.”
Apparently, I hit the MC :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, they did do much better when playing against us. We still would have won if 5327C’s arm and claw had not stopped working in match 3 of the finals. A disappointing end to a great run in the elimination rounds. It was great working with 8059z as well as 5327c.

It was certainly a great run - 8th seed alliance making all the way to the final… and so close to winning it as well.

And thanks to 5327c and 177v - great working with you guys too!

Edit: 8000c - 8059a had great fun playing with your robot during qualification too! It was awesome to see it worked!

Yes it was a ton of fun, thanks for being such great partners and congrats on a solid performance at worlds!

Although 185 and 8000’s robots weren’t always the most consistent, they were amazing to watch and opened up an entirely new approach to how the game was played throughout the season.

Technology finals was unfortunately the first time that we’ve completely tipped over in a competition this year (anti tips failed to flip out) as well as the first time our robot has decided to just freeze on us (we’ve decided that it was most likely a code issue with our rubber band boost release). Regardless, it was great working with you guys and your team was much better than your ranking suggested. Good luck next year!

8059 has always been a world class team and it was a pleasure to meet and work with you guys. We had an insane run as the 8th seed alliance and I wish your teams luck next year!

Anyways, all of the current members of 5327C will be graduating this year and will be replaced with new members next year. Good luck to everyone in the new season.

You took a page out of 8000’s book with that one :wink:

@Derick It was incredible seeing your guys’ run as the 8th seed though.