8000 In The Zone Reveal - Non Meta :)

8000B and 8000C will be primarily skills bots.
Enjoy :slight_smile:
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8000 never disappoints. Amazing design and execution, wish I’d thought of that!

On a side note, I’m loving all these non-meta bots (BNS, 62, 4911), and honestly, it seems like they’ll actually stand a chance against the flood of identical DR4Bs. Design convergence has definitely been a problem this year IMHO.

Very impressive robots!

One question though: when you have one cone in the collector on the side, and another in the claw, how is that not a SG9 violation? The collector out the side looks very concave to me.


Yep. 100% illegal. This is why you build the meta. :wink:

No one notices the cone puncher on the side. One can only imagine its purpose.

I think this is my favorite so far. But, yes, be careful of the timing. Some of those clips are perfectly legal, but I saw some where the intake had definitely taken control of a cone before the lift had stacked the cone it was holding.

I see that thing on the side, but as with @xRiloKOTBx I’m not sure what its purpose is.

Anyway, I love the bot. I hope you avoid being DQ’d and go far with it. So nice to see a very different design.

We have one on our robot. It’s purpose is to score a cone into the opponents 20 point zone to prevent the opponents from scoring in that zone, or to shoot a cone in front of another robot for defense for auton.