8000 teaser

8000 reveal coming soon :wink: be ready

What in Karthik’s name is that

before you ask, this is the robot that is 11th in skills

Quad catapult :smiley:

I’ve been hoping that someone would do that and reveal all year.

Is that a bunch of catapults? I must say, quite a unique design.

No intake? Or maybe its obscured by the balls!

That pile of rubber bands in the middle adds an artistic flair to it.

Saw this robot at skills. Amazing and creative use of internal motor gears. :slight_smile:

Internal motor gears?

Do they have a slip gear in there motors?.. Lol

I wish… and I don’t. That would both be super cool and absolutely horrifying. Sorry, but the four catapults are cam powered.

Where is the intake?

I’m guessing this is the robot with the top removed. There’s a gap in the front which would explain where a intake would go. Also kinda interesting that their catapult sends to be pointing sideways. It’s kinda cool, and would help in skills.

We intake balls via magic. :wink: