8000 Worlds Teaser

Proudly presenting the 6 robots we’ll be bringing to Worlds this year. See you at there!

  • Team 8000

Those are some real fancy pushbots @lewie.eath

Howl’s Moving Castle, eh?


I like how neat those rubber bands are placed… and the amount… makes me wonder if it’s completely passive

It is

Personally I like the reuse of skyrise lifts it makes building much faster :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to the reveal on VEXCast later tonight! Still somewhat skeptical it will even work :stuck_out_tongue:

That video has me excited. Has a max capacity been determined yet?

It looked like 15 stars to me. It spills a few.

It was confirmed later on that they have a max of 20. They didn’t have all the rubber bands on

But stars falling off was the main problem. They pushed into a big stack and only came up with 15.

It was probably because the dongles at the end. They have the same thing that LEER’s catapult has that allows for them to grab stars at fence and on the perimeter. It will probably be fixed for Worlds though.

Yeah, I’m just currently theorycrafting matches with/against them. From what I’ve worked out, there seem to be some exploitable weaknesses for sure with smart match play.


Probably no auton or just a basic deployment. They don’t use the lift more than once per match.

Could do all the stars on the field, granted maybe the fork can only hold 25 or so, so our partner could dump them on the stack when it’s winched (and even cubes too!)

We have pieces on our fork to stop stars from falling off the back and sides, but they weren’t attached in the video so some fell out.

Fight fire with fire

To some degree. I’m not giving anything away.