8000A early season teaser

feel free to ask any questions

Is that a catapult or a dumper? I see lots of rubber bands but I can’t see how you would reset the catapult or power the dumper. Also, using a big old plate might not be the best intake. It would be better to have a forked intake so you don’t have to “chase” the stars, plus it’s a lot lighter. Nice job having a 'bot this early, though.

Thank you for the feedback! we just switched it and it works a lot better now!

Wow. That was fast.

Thanks for the input! We just built one and put it on and it works pretty well! thanks for the feedback everyone!

This speed is unheard of. Did you just have those on the side or did you actually build them when people suggested? As for my question, did you try side rollers. If you did, were they unreliable at all?

We actually built them when people suggested, were known in our area for productivity. Also, we just built side rollers, here’s a picture. They work pretty reliably, thanks for the input!

Nice robot! Have you considered switching to small grabber for single stars?

[quote=“Zort, post:8, topic:36350”]

Nice robot! Have you considered switching to small grabber for single stars?[/quot

We’re actually experimenting with that right now, thanks for the feedback!

Oh. I get it. This is a joke.

If I suggested to rebuild it with a holonomic drivetrain, how long could you have it done in?

That’s very rude of you, I’d appreciate it if stopped undermining our teams hard work and productivity.

Are you guys going to take your robot with subsystems to a competition. With your speed at building and switching, you could be one of the few teams that can pull off the subsystem strategy. Also, I like how this became a reveal of your team’s efficiency rather than your robot’s efficiency

Okay. Sorry.

That was the plan! guess it’s not that much of a suprise anymore!

We’re working on it. Maybe around 25 minutes, thanks for the feedback as always

I really can’t tell if this is a joke or not haha

Nice job Lewie :slight_smile:

You might want to build it with a shifting x drive with a planetary transmission, so you can switch between tank drive and x drive for torque or manuverability, and the planetary can give you extra speed.

I don’t know. They designed, built, attached to their robot and photographed a claw 2 minutes after they got a suggestion to do it. Seems legit to me.

EDIT: What we’ve seen so far has been very impressive, no matter how quickly they built it.