8000A early season teaser

It’s completely serious, Lewie is just great at building

It’s a team effort. You’d be surprised what we can get done when everybody shows up to practice

Thank you! And also it was just a couple C-channels and some standoffs. We love trying out new designs early in the season just to get a feel for things. Works well for us

Great team effort! Do you guys have a pulley mechanism on your robot? On the original picture it seems like there’s one (for lifting?).

how many people are on your team?

I actually want to see them make a tank to x drive. IF you try to do this, and you don’t have to, maybe this video will help?

We have a pulley mechanism for lifting cubes. Sorry if it’s hard to see. Our lift is in progress and should be completed during our next practice. (our weekly practice just ended a few minutes ago)

We have 14 members on our 4 high school teams and around 8 on our two middle school teams

I would just like to point out you made this thread an hour ago and it already has 30 replies and almost 250 views. Also, did you finish the X-drive?

Practice ended at 12:30 PST :P, we just need to mount it on next week and it should be ready to go!

These are the teams that do very well at world’s each year :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking forward to see how well this does in programming skills, I hear Lewie is a great programmer!

I can confirm. Lewie is one of the best programmers I have ever seen.

I can confirm lewie is the best programmer

Lewie once wrote us a program to get our robot grills, it worked so good that I never saw that robot again. 10/10.

Quality trolling.
Lewie Tried.png

What is this even from?

Cool. We actually tried a pulley mechanism for a winch and drum for pulling down our catapult. The pulley had a mechanical advantage of 1:4 but it never actually worked. We though it was due to friction in our pulley and our transmission. Do you have any tips for creating a pulley mechanism?

Lewie is definitely the best programmer I know.

This is a joke thread, and the images are of past robots (his and others). Thus, the thread is no depiction of his build speed.