8025B: Early season robot reveal Sstruck

We are the B team 8025B. We competed just recently at November Fall Classic at QCC 11/05/16. These are some specs of our robot:

  • 4 motor speed drive
  • 6 motor four bar lift
  • 2 catapult platform

This is our quickly made reveal video:

Nice! Any hang plans?

Thanks for the comment. For us to be able to hang we have to first overcome our rubber band assistance on our four bar lift.

Ah; I see. Although, with so many bots likely being able to hang in the late game, you should be alright.

@ LMSRobotics Amazing job! I like the idea with the catapult, but I’m very curious on how you got to use 2 motors as an alternative from using pistons. Other than that, keep up the good work! :slight_smile: