8059 [B.L.A.N.K.] Series World VEX Reveal NBN 2016

Reveal Preview

Full Reveals Below!

Science Division

Technology Division

Engineering Division

I am pretty excited already. Nice preview :slight_smile:

I can’t wait that long! :smiley:

Looking good! Excited to see the full reveal.

Every puncher was inspired by 62’s flywheel and every flywheel was inspired by 8059’s puncher.

I am really loving 8059A. Great catapult and a fun new type of robot.

Every time a see a new post here my heart jumps, thinking they’ve posted the reveal.

Why? The reveal is already out…

I didn’t see that. I thought they were going to post a reply (not thinking straight).

Extremely impressed with all of your reveals and robots. I’ll be looking forward to meeting your team with a good handshake. Great work guys!

Nice teasers and amazing reveals. All very unique robots, especially the double catapult. All the BLANK teams look like they will be a force to reckon with at worlds.

Sooo jump cut still…

Gosh… i hope you realised catapult do cause robot to jump… until there is enough weight to hold it down.

Never mind, this is the last time I am going to talk about the seemingly “jump cut”.

Think the focus should be on the robots… thanks! :slight_smile:

They have transmission for the drive.

They did consider having it… but so far they have been the one that pushes others away so that they can shoot :stuck_out_tongue:

But it is not easy to stop them from shooting (just ask the 8068 teams :stuck_out_tongue: ). Not just because they can push other robots away, but also simply because the aiming and shooting is really fast. And it is just one button to release all 4 balls. Most of the time it ended up with the opponents arriving too late to push them away.

That machine fires balls faster than we reach them. We tend to target the corners to let the balls fly off course, but either they fire before we reach them, or when we do reach them, a simple nudge would not heavily affect the alignment of their robot. If we push towards the left for example, they can simply hold off the left catapult, fire off the right catapult and still have a decent trajectory to shoot. It is hard on its own and pneumatic breaks might just be a little overkill ;D

If you cant beat them, join them :smiley:

On 8059A, can you shoot only 1 ball? It seems like since the weight of only 1 ball is different than 2, the distances would be different. Do you have a way around this?

Yes , you are correct to assume that the range varies when only one ball is in the tray. We adjust our positioning to compensate for this.