8059 Blank. - Online Challenge 2019

Hi all,

I know there are tons of entries for online challenges.

But still hope that some of you will find time to take a look at my students’ entries for this year and give them some support and affirmation.

Website Challenge
Link to entry:

Link to the website:

Promote Video
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Link to video:

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Good job!

Good luck to all of the staff !!

Greetings from Brazil!

Is the shot at 0:14 the school?

Amazing work this season, I know 8059’s singvex reveal has been an invaluable resource for the teams I mentor and countless others. You guys are overdue for a world championship title (I’m still a little sad 8059A and 62 didn’t make it further in Starstruck, that was a pretty strong alliance).

Hi @aaronlucas , good to see you around!

And… that’s a shot of our school (minus the field and the sports complex that’s not shown).
By Singapore’s standard, it is a big school.

We do miss looking out for 62’s ri3d. It was always fun comparing the different approach and design. It is pretty lonely nowadays :stuck_out_tongue:

And I feel the same way too, I really thought the 8059A and 62 alliance will go far or at least win the division champion. It was as ideal a combination as you can get. But Guess that’s life…