8059 - SingNationals 2020 Reveals

Hi all…

Think some of you might have already seen it on our youtube channel.

But for those that have not - my students (@8059_Blank ) have done a video to showcase their SingNationals robots.

4 different types of traybots.
So it is not true that all traybots are the same.

As usual, will need my students to answer any questions regarding their designs or technical details.

And we will be dismantling almost all the robots soon… to prep for worlds.
So no - all these are still not our final versions… we still have some plans (or tricks) that we have not implemented yet.


As always from 8059 teams - very impressive and insightful!

Thank you!


Wow! Such great robots! One quick question, how does the telescoping extend (what does it slide on)?


Think you are referring to 8059F.
They used a single linear slide at the centre of the tray to slide the different sections up.


What was the reasoning behind the angled rollers? I noticed that all the bots have them.

Are you referring to the intake rollers and why are they angled?
Side-rollers are still the most effective way of taking in the cubes.
As for why is it angled, it is really to allow the cubes to move up onto the tray.


Sorry I wasnt clear, I meant to ask why the rollers them selves are angled inwards. Normally the rollers are parallel to each other.

It is to provide compression to hold the 11 cubes.
And the angle of the tray is quite steep as well (for better CG), hence the need to have more compression.