8059 Singvex Teaser

We didn’t manage to meet our 10-cube stack target in the 1st day of singvex…


Never clicked on a topic so fast in my life :laughing:


Oh no not only nine cubes…


Oops… sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:
I couldn’t include any pics from the tournament, as most of them will have other teams’ robots inside.

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It sounds exactly what I told the team as well. Lol…


Whelp… looks like I’m extending my capacity! I’m excited to see what your teams have in store to show off!


Nothing much to show off actually.
As usual, our Ri1D series always aimed for simplicity and effectiveness.

Guess some of you might be disappointed to see the designs :stuck_out_tongue:


9 cubes?
so It’s probably either on a lift, or a 3 stage tray right?
I guess we’ll have to wait and see…


Here is my theory as to how this match went down. (Analyzed along with Zach | 929U, Ben | 2616J and Nolan | EKSDE)

We theorized that Blank is a 4 cube external stacker, perhaps with a DR4B and they were partnered with a 1 cube capacity tower bot external stacker. The bottom 2 cubes were pushed into the zone or something. Then Blank put a 4 stack on the small stack, then went to gather cubes while their partner worked on towers. Then blank did 2 stacks of 4 on the large stack, but accidentally nudged the small stack a little bit. After it got nudged, their partner came and put a 6th cube on the small stack.

We drew this conclusion by analyzing where the different nudges and misalignments are in the stacks. In the large one, its between the 1st and 2nd cubes and the 5th and 6th cubes. The misalignments in this stack indicate an external stacker with a 4 cube capacity, which is what we think 8059 is. The right small stack appears to have been shifted uniformly except for the top cube, which is why we theorize that the stack got nudged and then another cube placed on top.

Wow, we really have nothing else to do. Excited (as always) to see what the robots actually are, and how accurate this theory is :slight_smile:

EDIT: We did not really taken in to account the existence of another stack in the other zone. I guess that also got built at some point :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What if it’s a three stage folding tray on top of a dr6b

Probably not. We are doing basically the same thing and as of now we think it will be able to stack at least 17 cubes when it’s finished, so they wouldn’t be limited to only 9.


The cubes are lined up neatly enough it’s hard to imagine this was done in multiple loads. I’m guessing it’s a well tuned internal that goes 9 high. Can’t wait to see the reveal!


which team was this against?

They were just speculating based on the pic that i have uploaded.

The pic is meant to be a teaser of our annual post-singvex reveal.

Anyway, the pic was taken in one of 8059A qualifying matches. Dont ask me which though… coz i couldnt remember. Lol

Btw, @isaac1000 which team are you from? Always good to see fellow singapore teams here :slight_smile:

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Why say hsc?

8076 did well this year!!

Sorry that my team have to call you out on that… it was really grossly out of size… lol…

ermm… i was the one that called your team out actually.
but i hope you are not suggesting that i should have kept quiet and let you continued with an out-of-size robot though.

i certainly hope your team will take it positively and as a lesson learnt instead… honestly, (grossly) out-of-size issue shouldn’t even have happened in the 1st place… agree? :slight_smile:

Oh well… let’s get back to topic… before our posts are deleted…

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Alright… think some of you have already seen it in either discord or our instagram page…

(and it is an “armless” / lift-less robot)

and just a real short pointers about singvex (for those who are interested)…

  1. it was certainly one of the most DQs singvex that i can remember.

  2. 8066Y and 8066C - tournament champions; 8059K and 8059A - Finalists

  3. 8059A - Skills champion (with 56 driver and 5 programming)

  4. And yes… defense is going to play a big part this season

  5. And… the fight for towers is real and can get nasty


Love the design, simplistic yet still stacks very high. However, is the amount of polycarb you use legal?

it definitely is, as they were allowed to compete with it.
I knew it would be a 3 stage tilter, the sides of the tray are really shallow, did you have any issues with cubes falling out, or rotating around when you drove around?