8059 Singvex Teaser

Our tray is pretty similar to 8059’s and we don’t have any issues with cubes coming out when driving recklessly. It can hold up surprisingly well.

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We didn’t line the entire tray w polycarbonate.
There are big gaps on the tray actually.

And to answer @Xenon27 - it is a far from perfected tray. We do have a bit of problem w the cubes rotating in the tray.

And yes, we did have a few cubes being knocked off the tray when heavy defence was played against the team.
But generally, it holds up pretty well.

But again… this is Ri1D… so that’s the max the team managed to rush out.

Anyway, as usual, we will be doing a proper reveal w more details on this robot.


Wow, That’s pretty impressive for a RI1D. 10 cube capacity and still maintaining a good COG is insane.

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We don’t have any issues with the CG actually.
Didin’t see it even in any danger of tipping… so far…

As for the 10-cube capacity, again in the spirit of 100% truthfulness, it is not easy to get the 10 cubes in nicely. It is still a bit unstable. And that’s the reason the team decided to go 9 cubes during actual match.
They did made use of the 10-cube capacity during their driver skills runs though.


@meng , is there any match footage that we will be able to watch? Thanks.

haha… i just posted the final in this thread :slight_smile:


need to apologise… my team just updated me that they didnt use the 10-cube capacity for the skills runs as well… sorry… :stuck_out_tongue:

@meng How many cubes, on average, did your opponents stack? Just to be prepared for the early season.

Honestly, not to boast… but I do think singvex early season is usually at a much higher standard than most other regions.

In our elimination matches against 8066/8065 matches… they (as an alliance) usually stacked 2 x 8 cubes and 1 x 4 cubes.

for 8059a and 8059k… they usually stacked either 2 x 9 cubes + 1 x 6 cubes or 1 x 9 cubes + 2 x 6 cubes.

But all these are just average… there were always a bit of a variation along the way.


Some have been asking about our skills run…

didn’t record most of our runs.
this is the closest that we can find (in the lab)… if the cube dropped nicely into that blue alliance tower, it will be a 90 points run.
Most of the time, the cube will be dropped in nicely… they said the driver is camera shy… he always dropped cubes whenever they want to video the runs. lol…

But too bad they couldn’t replicate the 72 or 90 points during SingVex… only managed a 56 points.

Their highest was 90 points though.

Edit: updated the score… the vid was a 72 pts run… and if the cube had dropped in, then it will be a 90 points. Sigh… having too many facepalmed moments today…


Definitely pic or it didn’t happen for this one.

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Know I’m a little late to the ballpark here but the question is still relevant I think: with the dropping cubes out the back to score towers, how consistent/efficient was that?

EDIT: anyone who’s built a simple tray and used this method feel free to respond


Ok now this is also a question I want to know.
Props for asking it.

well… it definitely requires some practice in getting the consistency up.

But as long as the top of the tray is aligned correctly to the tower, the cube will definitely dropped into the holder.

As for efficiency, the major downside is that you will need to fill up the entire tray with cubes before you can push the top cube into the tower.

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Ok. So do you think it would work for a bot that mainly stacks but occasionally scores towers to assist in that area?

For the rollers, how do they move out of the way when the tray is brought forwards? My rollers block the tray from moving forwards.20190818_210625

Correct me if I’m wrong but They have theirs flip out from the sides, and thus they are simply pushed aside when the tray goes forward

Ah I see.
I was thinking about those but I was hoping for something easier

i do think if the main intention is to stack, then it is definitely good enough.

and also bear in mind that this Ri1D only need 7 motors. So you do have one more motor to play with… for your tower-play.

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it is difficult to tell from the pic… but i suspect you will just need to play around with the angle of your rollers, so that the tray can be tilted forward.

and btw, we do make use of the rollers to outtake the cubes as we tilt the tray forward.

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