8059 - Worlds 2018 edition

Hi all…

Finally we managed to cobble up a simple reveal vid of all our 5 teams - 8059A, D, J, X, Z

Some of the stuff/mechanism have been upgraded or changed since the reveal video.

So I have listed the updated specs for the robots below:

8059A (Engineering)

  • 6-motor turbo drive
  • pneumatic 4-bar
  • 1-motor mobile goal intake
  • 2-motor dr4b
  • 1-motor top roller intake
  • pneumatic cone-knocker

8059D (Arts)

Featuring a 8-motor turbo drivetrain, a stand-off linkage dr4b, and a passive cone intake.
Personal message from 8059D - 8059D is excited to see you all in the Arts division at worlds 2018!

8059J (Research)

  • 6-motor speed drive
  • 2-motor speed stand-off linkage dr4b
  • 2-motor mobile goal intake
  • 1-motor 4-bar
  • 1-motor top roller intake

8059X (Math)

  • 6-motor speed drive
  • 2-motor speed 1:5 mobile goal intake
  • 2-motor dr4b
  • 1-motor 4-bar
  • 1-motor 1:3 turbo top roller cone intake

8059Z (Technology)

  • 6-motor speed drive
  • 2-motor stand-off linkage dr4b
  • 2-motor 4-bar
  • 1-motor turbo wide top roller
  • 1-motor mobile goal intake

We are currently at EC3 (thank you so much!) for our pre-world scrimmage.
We will try to upload some match video clips tonight.

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Is the robot or robots with the standoff linkage linear?

We have 3 robots with standoff linkage.

Well… after some adjustments it is now as linear as any dr4b.

all of us will need it… esp with the bo1 format :stuck_out_tongue:

“cobble up”

This is 11495A, Robo Legends, we look forward to our alliance together! We have a reveal for our bot you can check out if you would like.