8059 Worlds 2019 - Teaser

Sorry… I couldn’t resist sharing this (while they are having scrimmage at the moment)…

8059 worlds teaser…



Man blank looking strong again. I look forward to seeing your teams at worlds Meng. #Catagang for the win

Singvex has officially accepted the ways of the Hyukapult.

Ermm… sorry… i am lost.
Whats hyukapult? And… China? :thinking:

Hyukapult is essentially a catapult that can be tuned to double shot from the back. Take 109A for example.

Edit: Just realized I said China instead of Singvex :upside_down_face:

Oh… not sure if u notice the #original… ?

We have been hitting from the back since singvex last june :blush:

And oh btw… we are from singapore, which is not part of China :joy:

Anyway, will we be seeing you in worlds? :blush:

Edit… just noticed you edited china to singvex :+1:

Send cad and code please.


I will ask my kids about it.

Btw… send your cad and code too please… I want them in my archive :grin:

Woah! A 9 ball catapult? I’d love to see the juggling mechanism to avoid possession limit. Looks pretty good! #catagang

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Lol… I wish they allow us to have 9 balls…

It’s from 8059A, X and Z :blush:

Edit: you have a gd point… I should have thought of the juggling mechanism… it will be real cool.


Looking forward to seeing you at worlds. Bring me some four fingers crispy chicken please :smile: I can’t find any in California.

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