8059A and C Reveal (well... sort of..)

Hi all,

2 of my teams managed to stitch up some segments of our scrimmage with 8065/8066 at the last minute before we fly off to Louisville (in 5 hours time).

I know it is not much of a reveal video, but think you guys will still be interested to see the intensity of our scrimmages.

More crucially - with 8059A and C combined, they are capable of clearing all their cubes (+ skyrise) within 50 seconds after autonomous.


4-motor omni-wheel (internal gear - High speed).
4-motor r4db at 1:7.
2-motor conveyor belt intake for cubes (with polycarbonte bent as hooks), 3 cubes capacity.
Pneumatic swivel arm + pneumatic claw for skyrise.

Score on every posts on 8th cube on skyrise.

Skyrise autonomous - 20 points consistently (trying to get 24 points consistent).
Cubes autonomous - 10 points consistently.

Robot skills - about 60 points.
Programming skills - currently 40 points (trying to perfect 47 points).


4-motor omni-wheel (internal gear - High speed).
5-motor r4db at 1:7.
Passive needle intake for cubes (with pneumatic release), 2 cubes capacity.
1-motor swivel arm + pneumatic claw for skyrise.

Score on every posts.

Skyrise autonomous - 20 points consistently (working on 24 points).
Cubes autonomous - 9 points consistently.

Robot skills - about 60 points.
Programming skills - currently 40 points.

And since we are at it, I thought I should mention 8059B and D as well.

8059B - very similar to 8059A, but with a cubes-focused. Fast and furious in scoring cubes.

8059D - you will be seeing the very 1st wallbot/pushbot coming from Singapore.
Once in position, capable of locking down 16 opponents’ cubes in less than 2 seconds.

As we will be flying off very soon, and it will be a 25 hours flight, pardon us if we can’t answer your queries promptly. But do keep the questions and comments coming, we will respond once we have touch down in Louisville.

Seeing you guys soon.

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intrigued by the 16-cube wallbot - if it doesn’t get to position in time, is it incapable of capturing them?
very excited to see you at worlds again!

Judging from your description of your wall bot, I would guess that it expands and has c channels on a fork shape that pokes through all the cubes, locking them down. That seems to be the most feasible way to do it that quickly.

8059A, B & C all sound like very good offensive orientated robots. I’ll definitely see the pits to see these.

However it’s the D team I’m most interested in (partially due to it being in the Math division with my team).
How long has this robot been in the works for?
And although it takes 2 seconds to lock cubes up once in position, how long does this postioning take?
Can’t wait to see this in action soon.

Hi Meng

Do you realise how totally preposterous it is for a Singapore team, who have a rich history of creating many of the finest offensive robots seen in VEX robotics, to stoop to using a Wall-bot? :smiley: Just kidding. I too will be looking on with interest at how the Wall-bot fairs. The Skyrise game has resulted in an amazing diversity of designs this year (no thread on design convergence - :eek:), so my compliments to the Game Design Committee. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I cannot be at Worlds for our annual catch up, but please stop by the AURA pits, as I know the guys will be pleased to see you and your teams. They have some unique “weaponry” - worth a look.

I know your teams will do well :slight_smile:
Good luck, Paul

Not what I wanted to hear.

Yes, please do. 8059 has always been good with building efficient offensive robots.
You won’t be disappointed

Looks like 8059D is generating more buzz than our usual offensive robots.
To be honest, the team spent slightly more than 2 weeks on it. Still quite a few raw edges to be polished. But I personally think it will be cool and elegant.

The positioning will not take long. Just need to move from starting tile to the pile. And it is 8-motor base, can’t be too slow with that.
Everything can be done within autonomous.

We do have Plan B - in the event that teams try to counter it by changing their autonomous routine (and btw, that means it would have successfully indirectly reduce the opponent alliance’s autonomous scores).

There are many ways to use this wallbot. Capturing the 16 cubes is just one way of using it. Plan B, C, D…

Hehe… You are totally spot on!
I should have recorded down the facial expressions of my boys when I told them that I am serious about sending a wallbot to worlds. They have that eyes popping out, incredulous look.

But I really thought it will be fun. And kudos to my boys for taking up the challenge with less than 3 weeks before world.

I was really looking forward to our catch up. Thought we will be able to sit down and start grumbling about our teams.
But I will definitely drop by AURA and look at the new weapon systems they have got this time round

Probably because most people are yet to see a truly effective Skyrise wallbot in a year with lots of Wall bot potential.

Sounds like it could be quite effective at what it does from this, I’m would like to see it in operation in the next few days. Just hopefully not on the opposite side of the field to my team…