8059a at the worldchampionship

So the title is slightly click bait but I believe it is appropriate. So Tom the head builder of 8059a has graduated from his school and no longer will have school support to attend the 2016 world championship. He is asking if anyone would help him raise funds to fly from Singapore. I believe if every team that has been heavily inspired by 8059’s robot in 1 day reveal donated 1$ he would easily meet his goal. As one of the hosts of the VEXCast I have gotten to know him pretty well and I think the world championship would be at a disadvantage without him and hope people are able to donate a little bit of money. Check out any of the perks on the indiegogo as well if you are in to that kinda thing.

PS. To any mods that are thinking about deleting this post go check out the tens of thousands of views on the 8059 reveal and then do me a favor and let this thread slide. :slight_smile:

Wow, I had no idea about this. I will gladly donate once I get home later today!

I should probably say before @meng wakes up that 8059a will be attending either way. The difference will be if Tom attends with the team. I know Tom going would mean he would put a lot more effort into working on the robot and he is incredibly talented.

@tabor473 i almost jumped out of my bed when I saw the title.

But on a serious note… we are doing all we can to try to get Tom to go with us for this World. This will be his last World.
And not to put the rest of the team down (which I am sure Tom would agree that all the members are equally talented), but with all the effort and commitment he had has put in, I really feel that Tom deserves to make it to the World.

And for those who are wondering does that mean Tom is over-age - nope. here in Singapore, we have the 4+2 yrs system. 4yrs of MS and 2 yrs of HS. And Tom has just finished his 4yrs of MS in Singapore. So yes, 8059A has been competing in World HS as an underage team in the past few yrs.

Our team would love to help. We so wanted to pick him at worlds last year, but as the 6th seed captain he was snatched up just before we picked. We did get to partner in a match alliance and cleared the field sans 1 cube. Awesome team!

Yup… i still remember that match… it was a waste that the last second drop of the cube didnt fall into the post :stuck_out_tongue:
But definitely a great match and alliance! :slight_smile:

This is getting a lot of donations so far and on the behalf of people I have 0 affiliation with, read have no right to say " on the behalf of", thank you.

We are only 20$ from the goal of $1500!

The campaign has raised almost $1000 over its goal!

Extra money for the team i guess?

Extra money for Tom.

But to put things into perspective, I understand that indiegogo will be taking a 5% platform fee and another 3% credit cards fee.
And the entire trip (including his lunches and dinners) will be closer to USD 2400.

So dont think there will be any real extra to go around.

But I do want to thank everyone for being so supportive in getting him over for World.
When the team (and Tabor) first started this, nobody actually thought it will be such an overwhelming success.
It is a great encouragement and affirmation for us :slight_smile:

@meng Looks like you hit your $2400 USD goal, coming up on $2500 :stuck_out_tongue:

way to go Tom

Tom’s probably overwhelmed at the support he got

He is now scrambling for air tickets to go over…
The tour agency is quoting him usd500 more than the rest.
So he is now hunting for cheaper air tickets.