8059A [B.L.A.N.K] Nothing But Net Teaser


Interesting, I did not think a flywheel could shoot that fast :wink: , like it looks like a 4 ball catapult it goes so fast. I will be waiting for the full reveal.

Hehe looks like a pretty good flywheel

How fast can you shoot if you do manual load?

I was joking, it is a very fine tuned 4-ball catapult, 4 balls only take up 16" width.

I am really surprise (and a bit hurt) that you actually doubt us.
Really tempted to say more… But well… Promised my guys that we will maintain silence till our reveal in Apr :slight_smile:

The only thing I will say is that the video was taken in 1 complete take. We don’t do video trick :slight_smile:

Ya I think it’s all pretty funny. The issue is the balls look like they come from 2 distinct locations. My first guess would be 2 of the double punchers you used for skills. I’m calling your Bluff. Let’s see what you bring to worlds.

Heh… Guess you won’t need to wait till world.
Full reveal on 14 Apr :slight_smile:

Maybe we should start a poll…

  1. Tom throwing balls together with the flywheel
  2. Tom throwing balls with a double puncher
  3. 2 double punchers shooting side by side
  4. the flywheel alone
  5. others

Obviously #4

Definitely just a flywheel

@meng Sorry… That didn’t convey as I had intended. I was just confused as to how a single flywheel could produce that sort of result. Now that I’ve rewatched the video, i am picking up on the joke. I was wondering why the flywheel wasn’t still spinning… I apologize for my supreme idiocy.

The fly wheel doesn’t need to spin :wink:

@ThunderRobotics Oh ya. I knew that. It’s their new design. They have a wheel that whacks 4 balls at a time. :slight_smile:

You can’t see it on their robot but the wheel is involved in a very elaborate catapult mechanism .

I think their flywheel robot was shown in order to try to copy the disco reveal as accurately as possible, similarly to how the disco reveal showed oatmeal (not to try to suggest that their flywheel could do that).

It could almost be two of these built into one.

Looks like either a super sick catapult or a lot of punchers.

I’m thinking two long range linear punchers, plus two more that were tuned to shoot long range, but function for short normally.

I think they are punchers.

Except for that one jump cut between the first and second shot right? :wink: