8059A Robot in 1 Day: Singapore VEX Edition (Reveal) & More

By ramp, I mean where the ball is intaked and a picture of the “gearbox” in the back. Robot 8059A. Thanks.

Here are some pictures! Hope they help.

Thanks. Very nice job.

Btw. It’s pretty cool that you have ten turbo motors.

Yeah. We found them surprisingly good for the base.

Did they burn out often?

Just wondering, what is the compression of the ball between the flywheel and the back-plate?

Zero burnt out for all these 3 robots.

Wasn’t exactly sure how to quantify how much the ball is compressed so here are a few pictures of the compression between the flywheel and the back-plate. The compression for each robot is slightly different.




Hope this helps!

Is 8059A just in size or is there some room to spare?

You will need to wait for my boys for confirmation.

But my gut feel is that it is about just in size.

The base is already a 18" by 18" square. But we have about 2 holes space on top of the back plate.

Ok. Just wondering

How much space do you have between the flywheel and the metal that the ball is rolling off of? (I might have worded that badly)

I don’t quite understand your question. Are you talking about how much the ball is compressed as it leaves the shooter? If so, we have already posted pictures showing the how much compression our flywheels offer.

Probably 4" as that is the size of the ball :slight_smile:

I think that he was asking about the amount of space between the wheel and the top c-channel or other metal being used as a compression plate. It should be a little under four inches though, because it is allowing the balls to be compressed a bit smaller.

From the pictures the A bot looks like it might be exactly 4"(or slightly under) while the other robots appear to be leaving less room allowing the balls to be compressed more.

I do understand what he is asking for actually.
But I thought all it requires is to look at the length of the stand-off my boys are using and put the c-channel there and the exact dimension will be out.

But end of the day, it is quite meaningless to copy exactly the dimension. The wheels used could be slightly different in dimension, the zip ties might make a difference, the motors will be different, etc… it is more important to do it up and then do the fine-tuning.

Like what I always tell my teams - it is always that 1mm difference that made a big difference to the performance.

Well, I didn’t have much else to do after finishing a computing assignment and I saw this question:

So logically I made a rough CAD model on some of the pictures posted in the thread
I got a compression of around 1/2", but that could be wrong if I’ve misjudged spacings, so I’d say 1/2" - 1/4"?
I don’t know if anyone who actually worked on the robot’s can confirm, I’d be interested to see. (this is of the A robot)

Also I haven’t said so yet, but good job building these robots so quickly, although I’m curious what you mean by robot in one day, did you go from a design to finished robot in one day? or start from scratch? Either way, fantastic effort!
8059A launcher compression.jpg

Great job with the CAD!

The building and the programming were all done within one day. Around 9.30am to 8.30pm.
And I remember we sat around the field looking at it at around 8.35pm, trying to decide whether should we register it for competition…

But to be honest, the conceptualizing took place way before the actual construction.

I suspect they started discussing and planning abt it right after the revised rules were released on 15 June (ok… 16 June in Singapore) - how to make use of the extra 2 motors.
So that might means they took abt 2 days to discuss and plan?
And the actual building and testing were all done on 19 June. And we were ready for Singapore Vex on 22 June.

And I should also add that the construction was mainly by 1 student. The rest of the team were busy with other robot, so they were helping out in bits and pieces, here and there.