8059B Robot Reveal {WARNING}

The world championships are less than a month away and many of you are probably wondering what the teams in Singapore are up to (Singapore is NOT part of China) =). Here’s the robot that we will be bringing to worlds, with some minor modifications not reflected here.

6 Motor Drive - (4 X 393, 2 X 269) Chained 3:1 on small omnis
2 Motor Lift - (2 X 269) Geared 1:5 on a double four-bar system
2 Motor Intake - (2 X 269)

  • The robot can lift 6 barrels/balls to >30" in ~1 second. =)
  • Can score 42 points for robot skills.
  • Has 12 different autonomous routines.
  • Pneumatic fold up wheels to score into the middle 30" goal from isolation.

Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

photos do not work…

Wow that robot looks amazing. You managed to power the lift with only 2 269s at 5:1!? I think that’s the first time I’ve seen that done successfully this year. Do you ever have overheating problems with them when you are lifting a full load? Nice skills score.

Edit: the photos work if you right click and open in a new tab.
Also, what are the pneumatics for?

Looks pretty solid. I have not seen anyone use an 8 bar yet. Do you have any video of your robot in action?

I don’t see any photos either… there’s only blank space in between. Can you copy the photos and upload them again? Oh and why is it warning?

3:1 drive train?!
That’s the fastest I’ve heard of for gateway. Has it ever stalled?

He said that the drive was on small omni wheels (opposed to 4 inch), so it isn’t as crazy fast as you think. Also I (and banditofernando) just figured out what the pistons are for :D. Very cool.

3:1 on SMALL Omni, not 4" omni like every assumes when people do not mention what wheel size. 3:1 on small omni with 6 motors should be ok for a light robot, with the advantage of faster acceleration due to less wheel mass.

I wish the pictures worked, since I’d like to see the double 4 bar.

  • Does the double 4 bar do a linear lift?
  • How much does the robot weigh?
  • Probably well balanced elastic on the double 4 bar, to get those lift speeds.
  • Any power expander?
  • What is your motor port assignment?
  • Do you have slew rate control on motors, or any other fancy programming?
  • 42 points in Robot skills; Thats the number 1 rank, right?

cough** it was mostly me, but yeah! loving this sweet bot!

Love the way that you used pneumatics, it’s a very clever solution. I’m very interested in how the lift…lifts. From a basic point of view, you are running a relatively fast (1:5 instead of typical 1:7) ratio with half the motors, but the same load. Does it have something to do with how the load is placed closer to the point of rotation?

  • Well, lets just say its almost linear =P
  • Im not sure how much it weighs in pounds but its around 7kg…
  • Yup, we are using a power expander
  • Nope, no fancy programming
  • Um… Unofficially that is…

Not that i know of =)

So what are the pneumatics used for? I can’t see any pistons.

How many pistons and tanks do you have? Are the pistons double or single acting?

edit: Could they be for the front wheels? Do they fold down? What is the reason behind that? Is it for stability? or to score in the center 30" goal from the Isolation Zones? Or both?

Try and see if you can find them. (although they are not where they are supposed to be)

Double Acting with one tank.

The pneumatics are so they can pull the wheels up and score in the middle 30" from the isolation according to Owen and Banditofernando.

Oh and the pics are here: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=0D170B82BB3A5F84&id=D170B82BB3A5F84!189#cid=0D170B82BB3A5F84&id=D170B82BB3A5F84!189

*Also courtesy of Owen

See my post above ^^^ I edited it

PS. If you see 393’s on the lift, we were just experimenting to see if it could go raise any faster. The actual robot has only 2 269’s on the lift

I figured it out right when I saw it. I wanted to do the same for our robot, but we have no space.

Interesting… Im also in awe of the 269 lift :stuck_out_tongue: 42 in drivers? NICE! :slight_smile:

Nice design, I like it. It does look wide, are the arm motors within the 18 inch limit?