8059C Reporting for Anaheim 2015 (Full Reveal)


8059C reporting for World Championship 2015.

This is a reveal of our robot used in the Singapore Vex Robotics Championship 2014.

Most of the stuff are already mentioned (or can be seen) in the video.
But do feel free to ask any questions. If I don’t have the answer, the team members will provide the answer.

Hope you will like what you see.


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the video is private:(

Oops. Sorry. Changed setting to unlisted.
Should be ok now.

Very nice. I really like how it can drive over cubes

what is the motor configuration (how many motors on the drive base, on the lift), and what are the gear ratios?

It looks like your skyrise gripper is three tank tread flaps that are paired down to size. Are they actuated, or is it a friction pickup/release? (I think I can see a small sprocket inside that attachment…)

How hard is it to switch out the skyrise gripper between matches for red/blue alliance? (I see that you have a spare hinge on the other side already.)

It looks like it’s Stanley’s passive intake : http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=U-nXs-B2k_E

4-motor base at 1:1 high speed configuration.
6-motor lift. But I will need the members to get back to you on the actual gear ratio for the lift.

You are sharp - the spare hinge is really for us to switch between colours. The switching is fast. Just need to unscrew and screw back 3 screws.

It is inspired by Stanley’s passive intake. We actually called it a “plunger”.

But we realized that the flap for Stanley’s intake seem to be always falling out during our practice matches (maybe we were not doing something right).
So we modified it - if you look closely, you will notice that the orientation of the flaps is different from Stanley’s. And we added chains to the attachment as well.

Some other things that some of you might want to know as well - we are using the old linear slides. And this robot can reach all the goals, and can stack up to 6 skyrise.

Since we have close to 10 months to World, what is our future plan? Well… faster, higher, stronger.

I call it the skyrise plunger, sorta the same idea.

Impressive guys! :cool:

Thank you.

Well, I am sure the 2 series will come out with something very impressive as well. Waiting to see your reveal too :slight_smile:

Is it just me but it says it can’t be viewed on mobile?

I do like the fact that you have the ability to drive over cubes. Impressive, especially this early in the season. Just wondering, how much do you think this robot will change before worlds?

Think I am giving up on playing around with the setting, etc in youtube.
I have submitted the copyright dispute and ensured the setting says playable on all platforms.

But I can played it in iPad but not on my andriod phone. I give up… :frowning:

The team is actually at a cross-road - we can either use the same design but make sure the elevator lift goes faster and higher, or completely change the approach and design of the robot…

Any comments or suggestions on what we should do?

I would suggest sticking with what you are using now, and improving it as much as possible - stick with what you know, and with the work you’ve already done. But, at the same time, experiment with whatever alternative design you are considering - plan out and prototype the essential components before making the switch to the second robot, so you know what you are doing if you switch and can be assured you won’t suddenly run into a problem and regret tearing apart your previous bot. Test the waters first and make sure switching designs is both strategically a good idea and actually feasible before stepping past the point of no return.

We actually just call ours “Stanley Shi” XD

This design looks really solid. If I were you I’d work on adding another stage or two so the slides can reach the full height of a 7-Segment Skyrise

How does your Needle Intake work? Is it passive when picking up the cubes? Ours is passive when picking up cubes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8XSfs4Z5Zk), but uses pneumatics to release them. I’m curious to see how yours works.

I think it depends on what you mean by approach/design. If you mean change the efficiency bot into another efficiency bot in terms of changing manipulators, lift systems, drive train, I would say no. If you mean changing approach as in a more defensive, wallbotish or multi-botish strategy, then yes.

I have a feeling if your team steps back and determine all the flaws of your robot, it’s possible to refine more than just your lift system. After all, a robot is only one factor in contributing to a team’s efficiency. There’s still driver skill, strategy, and programming.

Our needle intake is similar - passive for pickup and pneumatic for release. Just that our’s is… smaller that your’s.

You are very perspective to point out that we are really lacking in driving practice and programming.

Making the lift faster and higher is not too difficult.
But I guess another question that we will need to answer will be - even with a faster and higher lift, and with sufficient practice (which shouldn’t be a problem, since we still have 10 months to go), is it enough to win the World??

Extremely impressive robot (regardless of the fact it is June). I see a very strong resemblance to GER’s Fred IV. It looks like the second elevator for goal dumping has been replaced by multiple stages of a cascade chain elevator (as opposed to 44’s rack and pinion single stage elevator), and four drive motors have been moved to the lift. I suppose some of the added motors are necessary to reach the additional heights, but it still seems interesting that it required 3 times more motors. Do you think this is the result of friction? Do you know if the lift has the strength to lift more cubes? Have you tried lubricating the slides? I don’t mean to ask to many questions, I am just curious if there are any inefficiencies with the
I am also curious about your robot’s center of gravity. I noticed that you placed many heavy items (e.g. pneumatics tank, batteries) 10" high as opposed to lower down for stability. It also appears that you do not have any anti-tip devices so I was wondering if you have had any stability issues with a speed drive?