8059D - the wallbot in World 2015

Might be a bit late.
But thought some of you might still be interested to see how did the wallbot fared in World.


This is a match together with 9099C (I think). And fending off 2 opponents’ robots that were moving and doing well.

Basically, it will win, as long as the alliance had a decent (or even below average) scoring ability.

Maybe I am biased, still think that the wallbot will do well during the eliminations :rolleyes:

And oh… I must add that the customised c-channel expansion is definitely inspired by GER gateway’s wallbot :slight_smile:

just FYI, that’s actually 9090A, but by the end of the season we had basically the same robot, so easy mistake. I haven’t been that short in a long time… (oh Hi Henry)

Its nice to see a different approach to the game :slight_smile:

Oops. Sorry. But both 9090A and C did fantastically well.

8059D was hoping that 9090A will pick them as 2nd pick.
I am sure they were in 9090A’s consideration, but too bad, it was not to be.
Else I think it will be interesting to see how 2915A perform without cubes for them to score :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Steve would do what QCC2 did to VCat’s robot just drive right over it. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was great! I didn’t hear about that at Worlds. That was one fast deploying wallbot. I loved how QCC2 just pushed until it broke. Makes me want to play battle bots.

Not so easy.
Ours is linear slides on c-channels. But most importantly, our linear slides do not extend as much as QCC2. So it is definitely structurally stronger.

I think you meant to say “Not as much as VCAT’s”. I agree that your custom c channels would be tough. It helped QCC 2 to piggyback the 2 8 motor drive VEXU robots together in order to break through VCAT’s wall. :slight_smile:

VCAT probably won’t like me for this, but it’ll serve as a good reminder of how much force a wallbot needs to be able to withstand, especially in VEX U with 6 and 8 motor drives!

Look at your post count. You now have to retire this account to ensure it stays pristine.

He is going to post no to that just because you said that tabor…

It’s like watching a bone snap! It’s great, in a terrible way! (Or terrible, in a great way?)

Side question. How does one make a GIF from a video clip without a ton of work? Must be “an app for that”?

I don’t want to get farther off topic, but I just googled “youtube to gif” and used whatever came up.

To the OP, do you have some videos of other matches as well? How well did the robot do in general?

Good point, I should have at least tried that. Apologies. I always tell my students to search for themselves before asking…I should know better.

All season long I was telling members of the Game Design Committee that I was certain that at least one Wallbot would win a division at Worlds. I was obviously wrong. I’m surprised more teams didn’t even try this strategy. Cube hoarding and post/Skyrise isolating were the only ways to comeback from a large autonomous deficit. With the number of mishandled Skyrise Sections we saw during Autonomous, there were some alliances which certainly would have benefited from from a Wallbot to cut their opponents off from Cubes and posts. That being said, it’s a very risky design approach to take, especially since you’d have to convince the top teams to try this new strategy in elims. Congratulations to teams out there who at least tried this route.

Wait members. We all just assumed it was a committee of one. :wink:

Most of BNS was convinced right up until the finals that AURA was going to pull out secret third robot that hoarded every cube.

When I saw this robot on the practice field I had a good laugh watching it spear the cubes. The slides were my favorite part of GER’s gateway robot so I was happy to see a reappearance.

Which robot would they replace that 3rd robot with?
With out Big Mac then would loose auton Which is huge.
If they replaced mc chicken then they had no skyrise.

I assumed that every top level VEX U team was going to bring a third wallbot or cube hoarding bot to the event. The additional strategies it would have opened were immense.

AURA’s McChicken actually was supposed to be a cube denial and defense robot. They played down this capability the entire event and then added pistons to their passive wings for eliminations. The strategy didn’t work against really fast 8 motor drives like QCC2 had. If anyone wants to see some really good cube denial and blocking I would suggest watching the VEXU semi final matches and also read AURA’s design notebook where they discuss their strategy in depth.

185D had a cube hoarder also. It didn’t do as well as I had hoped for a bunch of reasons, mainly because it wasn’t reliable and never really faced anyone that was good enough to make cube hoarding worth it. It also didn’t help that everyone seemed to have an instinctive hatred towards them and their robot, it got to the point where the refs were telling all the teams they faced in quals to get entangled with it so they could dq it. I still think the strategy had promise, if anybody would have given it a chance.