8110C Winter Reveal and Adams Tournament Highlights

Just finished our second tournament of the year and decided to put together a quick reveal and highlights reel:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hey, I was wondering about how your passive post guide deploys? Is it just rubber bands and if so, does it lock in place, or just use the strength of the rubber bands and gravity?

Pretty solid bot. What was your skills score?

Just the strength of rubber bands.

  1. Nothing special, didn’t get that much practice in before the tournament.

Yeah. I hate when the programmer gets not time to do autonomous because the builders are taking way to long with the robot. Same thing for driver practice.

Is the gear ratio on the intake really 15:1? That seems way too high.

Also does that include internal gearings on the motor?

No, but the internal gearing is high speed. Also, only the front most roller runs at 1:15, every other part runs at 1:5, it just looked too messy to type all that out in the video.

I have a fast intake, too. Similar gearing. Used 2 HS motors because my gearbox needs rebuilt because of friction. Works pretty well. Probably the best functioning piece in my robot.