817's Expanding Robots

The Sparticles (Team 817) have finally unpacked their robots from Dallas and made a video of the three robots which are notable because of the way that they expand. The video of the robots can be seen below.


A-Team expanded on slide bars to enlarge their holding area and still have room for a holonomic chassis.

B-Team expanded just with the power from the outside wheels. This also allowed them to have a larger holding capacity and holonomic capabilities.

D-Team expanded on every axis allowing for defense (wall), larger bucket, and a scoop.

Near the end of the video is a picture of the most awesome contraption ever. We called it Pat’s Car, and it could be powered on all wheels with one motor. I would like to know if it is unique or if there are other things like it.

Team 817 had a successful year with all of our teams qualifying for the World Championships. (And I was using the third person so well) Please comment on our robots.

i saw alot of “D” teams
but “B” and “A” were very interesting
team A had to use TWO motors to expand??

Yes, two motors. It expanded in autonomous, and the wheels also assisted by each side pulling outwards. Originally, we were hoping that the robot being able to drive itself open would be enough, but there was a surprising amount of friction on the slide bars. They are bent sightly so the chassis won’t wobble as much.