824c post state reveal

Robot specs:

4 motor drive
6 motor back dumper with elastics
Pneumatic claw (active on both in and out with rubber band assist on in)

Unique things:
Transmission for custom ratcheting winch and pulley hang powered by drive takes about 1 second to actually lift (lining up varies between 2-5 seconds) Ratchet ensures that we high hang with the least amount of time
Concept shown here without the actual ratchet:

(Not the final product, just shows the idea. A LOT of tweaking was done to perfect the system and to make it work for OUR robot)

pneumatic star hitter/ hang hook (A lot of tweaking went into this as well)
Can throw cubes forwards or backwards to far zone despite having a fork
Can throw 3 cubes or 8 stars or 5 stars and a cube from tests we did (in actual matches we focused on star bundles of around 4-6 and bundles with one cube and 1-3 stars and never attempted throwing more than two cubes)
We have a few ideas to make our claw lighter and have a larger capacity without having the stars fallout.
Many strategic and consistent autonomi for both left and right side using an abundance of sensors

We’re happy to qualify for worlds being a team from such a competitive region like California. Just wished I could have won states for my final year in robotics. Honestly, pretty much any team could have won the state championship depending on how the alliance selection went and whoever had the most luck that day. Had we not had our lift burnout in the last 30 seconds of some late matches, who knows what could have happened. After going most of the tournament without burning issues, our power expander ptc tripped a couple of times making us lose some important matches in the end. 21 opportunities to qualify for worlds were given in some way at this event and most if not all who qualified were very competitive and will have the potential to be very competitive at worlds. I also think that their may be a lot of MAJOR upsets at worlds this year after watching some of the regional and national live streams and how often lower seeds were able to compete with higher seeds

Definitely our best performance all year after a season full of burning out, tipping, and bad alliances. I’ll be posting some videos of some qualification matches at the San Jose state qualification matches and the quarterfinals and semifinals that we were in some time this week. Obviously there’s always room for improvement and we’ll be hoping to push the boundaries of what is possible with our worlds robot.

Great job qualifying for worlds! I’ve heard that the regional powerhouse there is 86868. How did you fare against them?

Without giving away too much info on other Teams, pretty most off the top teams all had good chances at winning. You can check robotevents to get a good idea of how matches went. At the end of the day, all things are subjective and it comes down to how you play the game

Would you be willing to post pictures of your whole robot, your stats have intreaged me.

yes, it seems cool, but without a picture or video I cannot understand how forks can dump backward or forward. Tiltable forks?

Some hanging action. The robot doesn’t have to go far up and ratchets so it gets above the barrier and locks and is a high hang . This idea worked decently and we saw ourselves hanging in comp in some qualifacation matches. Our ratcheting mechanism got stressed and definitely would need some improvements. However, we will be testing some different hanging methods in the coming week with elastic assistance. The transmission definitely adds weight and there are lighter and faster hangs from our other designs that we will be attempting to perfect for worlds.

Typically with transmissions, they need some kind of rotation to fully change gear, and in the video it was not rotating. I could be wrong but that’s what has happened in my experience

There wasn’t much air when I took the video and we beveled the gears lol. Rotating gears make it easier to engage. The “locking” mechanism was a ratcheting mechanism that became activated on the high strength shaft. We used the ratchet gear and used a hinge and c Chanel held down by a rubber band. There was a lot of torque on the hinge so the plastic vex tooth had to be replaced with c Chanel. Plenty teams have made their own ratcheting mechanism in past games so we thought it would be a reliable and fast hang.
Here’s some more pics of the robot:

If we had continued with this design, we would definitely add a little strength to the hinge. After around twenty hangs in practice and in competition, the hinge got stress tested. It still works despite being bent lol.