8381B Mid-Build Reveal

We have basically completed the lower half of our robot which only scores mobile goals right now. tell me what you think.

I like It. I think it’s fast and efficient, which is super helpful for mobile goals. What do you plan to do for your lift?

We haven’t exactly decided yet. Possibly RD4B but teams here on the forum say that they are over-complicated.

RD4B’s are strong, but that’s not really important considering the weight of cones. I would go for something lighter and faster like a chain bar or scissorlift.


Please excuse the question, but how is a scissor lift lighter or faster? The ones I have seen all appear to be very bulky.

I completely agree. Scissor lifts are better on a larger scale when you only have one source of power like a hydraulic piston on a large lifter, but with vex parts (especially the heavy and not very smooth sliders that most scissor lifts seem to use), I feel that dr4bs are much lighter and more power efficient resulting in higher speeds. Also, the instability of scissor lifts results in more bracing, and thus heavier lifts.

YES, finally anther reveal as dark as ours.

I LOVE IT. The darkness emphasizes and possibly makes the robot faster! I believe that if you turned off all the lights we would be able to see EVEN MORE! The lack of light, the superiority of darkness over light, the undeniable presence of darkness, light’s hiatus, the regality and pomposity of darkness, and the truancy of light really enable us viewers to accurately view your “robot” (idk it may or may not be a robot, I couldn’t see anything) and waste our precious time. Not only have you wasted five minutes of my life, but you have wasted eight other people’s time, including yours.
In short, please reconsider posting a more meaningful and viewer-friendly video in the future if you want meaningful and viewer-friendly responses. Good day to you.

Agreed. Scissor lifts are no easier to build than DR4B’s either. They are bulky and big and take a while to unfold.


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you can’t copy someone’s robot if you’ve already built yours.

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