839A VEX IQ Building Fundamentals Workshop Video

  1. Gear vs. Chain Based Drivetrain – See the difference and learn how to make your drivetrain faster.
  2. Building a Proper Gear Box – How to reduce friction and improved performance and reliability.
  3. Skateboard Chassis – Learn how to build our low-profile skateboard chassis that’s perfect for the new VEX IQ kit and why the Moonwalker Skateboard chassis is so good.
  4. Cross-Support & Reinforcement – Building techniques to reinforce your robot so it is more rugged and durable.
  5. Wheel Support & Reinforcement – How to reinforce & stabilize wheels for better handling & more precise autonomous routines.
  6. New Modified 2:1 Moonwalker Skateboard Chassis – See our new skateboard chassis with more torque and increased stability to carry the extra weight of the balls for this season.