84 tooth gear frustration

Over the years we have used the HS 84 tooth gears for many things, but I am wondering if there is a quality control issue. The gears, especially when meshed with a pinion, feel… well for lack of better terms… crunchy. It feels like it is warped or somebody put sand between the teeth. this has not been with one, but many. I have found a few that were out of round after testing.

Anybody else notice this?


ALL of our 84T gears are warped. I’m not sure that it’s a quality control issue but it is pretty annoying, that’s for sure.
I feel you…

Have you contacted Support with this issue? They may be able to provide you with replacement parts.
You can find the necessary contact information on this page: http://www.vexrobotics.com/vexedr/contact/contact

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Not yeat but I think I am now. It was became an issue last year with all the gear ratios for NbN, but I have noticed it again. I will let them know.

I rarely use these gears but could they be glass fibre reinforced. that could be what is making the crunching noise