8452A Stripped Gears Nothing but Net Reveal

Hello all!

We’re a second year team still learning, but this is the first year we’ve had a competitive robot, so I thought I’d do a reveal. Plus, I figured you guys were tired of teasers. :wink:

-6 motor turbo tank drive (2.4:1)
-1 motor speed rubber band intake, geared (chained) 2:1 (3.2:1)
-5 motor single flywheel, turbo motors geared 15:1 (36:1)
-2 5in wheels
-Up to 50 points in autonomous
-Control remapping on the drive
-Hybrid bang-bang/TBH velocity control on the flywheel
-Weight: ~17 lbs
-Fire rate:
-Field: 1.5 bps
-Full court: 1 bps
-A cool flip-up wire shield made of standoffs and setscrews
-A really messy wire job

I’ve attached the pictures. I don’t think I’ll do a video, as I have neither the time nor the video editing skills to do one. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have; we have nothing to hide.

See you guys at nationals:

It looks like a tank! xD Good job though, also how does the flywheel fire with that hood?

There’s a hood underneath the flywheel. The visible hood is part of the intake.

It looks very good for a newer team. It brings me back to my previous robot (clunky, a little big and heavy but still worked). I’d say keep working on optimizing stuff, and if you can during the summer, after the game reveal, work on building a robot early, so you can possibly change it mid year after figuring out how to fix most problems. The best way to get better at building better, is to build more (which my captain did to much in previous years, sometimes 5 rebuilds a year). Good luck at Nationals!

It’s kinda clunky, but it’s very stable. Pros and cons of not designing. I am disappointed that even though it’s all aluminum with no lift, it still weighs 17 lbs.

Do you guys think this would be competitive at the US Open? I fully realize we will likely not make it past quarterfinals, if that, but how far might we go?

How accurate is it?

Depends on your alliance really. You have a decent robot that can do some stuff, but can’t lift or be lifted, so you would make a nice third pick for some high alliances, or a second pick for a middle or low alliance. You could easily make it to semis if you rank high enough and stay consistent throughout the day. You might be a little disadvantaged because of the fire rate, but I had the same thing for VA states and had mediocre accuracy and still made it to semis as 5th seed. Just scout well, make yourself known, and show people exactly what you tell them so that they will trust you more. A lot of teams lie about their robot, and end up losing credibility and picks because they cannot demonstrate their “abilities”.

85% full field, and perfect accuracy-driver error field (ends up ~90%).

Good to know. I’ll try my best.

A picture of the flywheel hood. Sorry for the poor quality, this was taken in a cramped minivan, and my phone camera sucks.

Firing rate?
Also, do you have any videos? specifically of the auton?

Fire rate is 1 bps full court, 1.5 bps field.

No videos. To clarify, we can do up to 50 points, which has happened twice (4 preloads, 2 bonus balls, 2 balls). We usually get 30+.

How’s a hybrid BB/TBH like yours set up? I heard that it’s using two different gains depending on the sign of the error.

It runs pure bang bang if error is more than a certain value, and an aggressive tbh otherwise.

How aggressive is your TBH?

Our tbh constant is 1.25.

Just an update, we went 5-5-0 at the US Open (Green division), and ended up 43rd. We won our first three matches, and held division first place for ~5 minutes.

We had problems with our intake throughout the competition. We probably would have gone 7-3-0 if the intake worked (23rd place), but que sera, sera.

We were the second pick of the 15th alliance, and was knocked out by the 2nd alliance 142-132.