84T high strength gears out of stock

A few students need some 84T high strength gears for their design of a lift. I’m supposed to put in the order today, but it seems as if the vex website is out of stock and I can’t find them anywhere else. Would it be a good idea to get some of the 60T high strength gears instead and just have them redesign their lift with different gears? Pardon my ignorance on the subject, they are better builders than I am!

Try and get them from a local team. 9/10 they’ll give u the gears

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I’m a coach and really triggered by this! Every year, it seems that one item or another is very popular in designs and gets sold out. Our first year as a coach, it was the 84 tooth HS gears. It is not easy to do a redesign around a gear. I guess it can be done - but you need to do compound gearing and the spacing can change considerably. Anyway, I tease my co-coach because we were so triggered by that event, that we now have a ton of 84-toothed gears! It’s like we are depression-era babies or something. LOL! It’s good to anticipate what the “hot” item is at the beginning of the season and buy a ton at the beginning of the season…


Temporarily you could just screw two LS 84T gears together.


According to vex website one HS 84T gear weights about 35 grams.

According to @Gear_Geeks they have a ton of 84T gears.

With 1 US ton = 907.185 kg and by doing simple math that will give us ~25920 gears or ~6480 4-packs of 84T gears.

Ladies and gentlemen, not only we discovered the reason for shortage of 84Ts, but we got a very strong hint at the origin of @Gear_Geeks username! :smile:

In the meanwhile those unfortunate 6480 teams, could resort to screwing together a pair of LS gears as as a poor man’s replacement for HS.


You could always check if any re-sellers have any in stock, though you will run into availability problems based on where your team is based. Try robotmesh for a start, and my team uses iDesignSolutions for occasional orders.
Here are link straight to the re-sellers I referenced with the product you’re looking for:

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