8568A Worlds Reveal

Enjoy! Feel free to ask any questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Will will be in the Science Division at Worlds, hope to see you all there and come stop by our pit we will be more then happy to answer any questions there as well.

Robot specs

  • 6 motor 1:2.4 drivetrain on 3.25" wheels
  • 4 motor 1:25 single flywheel
  • 1 motor 1:7.2 horizontal intake
  • 1 motor 1:3 vertical intake

Nice reveal! Whats your bots fire rate?

Wow, that stack intaking up against the wall is amazing. Nice job.

Awesome reveal! I’ve seen it in person and this robot is legit. Look out for them at worlds everyone!

Amazing robot and an astounding variety of field positions as well as an incredible fire rate.

Thanks! It can shoot 3-4 bps from mid court and 1.5 bps from full court

Great robot, nice job! The intake is probably the best one I have seen this year.

Amazing! Nice Job!

Its a discobot…

Can confirm how impressive this thing is.