8675 Fuzzy Wuzzy 2.0 China Reveal

Hello all,
We are flying to China to compete in a tournament later this week. This is the robot we will be competing with. If you have any questions we will answer them.

How did you get away with using regular chain for your chain bar?

We just tried it and it worked.

Good job as always guys. Can’t wait to compete with you this weekend in china, as well as the entirety of the season!

Hi, this robot is amazing! We were planning to build something very similar to this robot ( a rotating internal stacker) and one of the things we worried about was knocking over cones. How often do you knock over stacks or drop cones because it rotates or just falls? Thanks,

If it’s balanced well, gravity alone should do the trick, minus of course that it will inevitably sway back and worth. But, that swaying shouldn’t be strong enough for standard chain to struggle, I shouldn’t think.

Only from driver error.

Yep the regular chain is actually pretty strong.

Not sure I would go that far - I wouldn’t use it on a drive, for example - but it certainly isn’t awful for a chain bar. I actually use high-strength on our chain bar because “baby chain,” as we call it, is in shorter supply and we still need more. But because of that, we had to cut pieces and do lots of wizardry to get everything to fit and have the cone go through the chain bar cleanly.

Thats funny we’re going to china too what a coincidence… No Joke our flight number UA888. - AEBC

Ok, Thanks for clearing this up!

Loved the song choice.

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What gear ratio did you use for the chain bar? It seems pretty fast.

Wow, you guys are going all the way to China?

Just a couple questions for you guys (@1970KnightShift @SkuttRobotics ):

So what’s the main push for you to go all the way over there? Are you just interested in getting early season competitive experience? Or perhaps you have family / friends you were going to visit anyways? Something else?

I always thought this phenomenon was incredibly rare, and I’ve never seen it this early in the season.

I’m not one of the teams going to China, but I would jump at the chance to. Aside from the early season competitive experience, it would be amazing to not just visit, but compete in a foreign country. Kind of like going to Worlds, but more so. It’s not (especially) prestigious, just an amazing experience.

I agree, if I got an invite I would try to go. However, it is very expensive, so there’s that factor…

CREATE (the organization that puts on the US Open every year) is based in Omaha, Nebraska. This year they are starting a partnership with another robotics organization based in China (Beijing, I think). They will send teams to America to compete in the US Open each year, and CREATE will send teams to compete in China. This year they are sending some of the best VRC high school teams in Iowa and Nebraska, and in future years they will send teams that qualify through the Open division (I don’t know how that’s going to work exactly).

I know this because my sister team will be competing there this year as well. I don’t know all the details, but I know they are very exited and honored to have this opportunity.

It is a 1:5 torque

We were offered a chance to go be a local company for a reduced price. Earlier in august some Chinese teams came to Nebraska. It is just a cultural exchange and we go to a tournament also.

Same reason we wanted to go when our coach asked us if we wanted to go to China.