8675 Fuzzy Wuzzy 2.0 Skyrise Season Log

Hello All,

We are Fuzzy Wuzzy 2.0 from Elkhorn, NE. Our official team number is 8675 ( minus the 309). Together, our team has competed in Vex Robotics for five years. We are hoping that this year will be our best yet!

Every game that we have done has consisted of a very long and rigorous designing phase. We spend a minimum of 3 months designing and testing before we build. This process ensures that minimal mistakes are made during the actual building process.

Our designing phase consist of a few different objectives:

  1. We sketch and talk among each other about all initial ideas.
  2. We then refine all ideas and name the ones we deemed as the best.
  3. We then look into those ideas and build prototypes of each idea to test which one truly works best.

We then move onto the building process.

We will post updates with pictures and videos throughout this Skyrise Season in order to see other’s input.

Here was one of our ideas on YouTube called the “Catfish Intake.”

Will will post the prototype of our lift soon…

Thanks and Enjoy!

Looks good! can it pick up on angles?

Do you have a skyrise intake planned out already?

We do have our intake planned out. We are going to post more videos. Our intake is a system of two mechanisms. It’s hard to explain, but when we have both working, we will post a video.

We will also attempt the intaking at an angle, but it works similar to a conveyor system. We also will strafe or drift drive this year in order to attack the angles of the cubes.

Well that just made my day!

For everyone that doesn’t get the joke. ( everyone in Bots ‘n’ Stuff didn’t get it)

You da real MVP. In my defense, I know the song, didn’t get the connection. I should have watched the video…

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Hey, don’t worry Karthik. In 6 years, 2000 will have been 20 years ago. Now I feel old! :eek:

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To the actual OP. The intake looks like it requires an insane amount of driving precision to be effective. This is why teams use larger rollers with larger flaps. Just my 2 cents.

We used a similar design for our intake in Round Up and it actually is much easier than you would think. The catfish will actually work similar to flaps, just taking up less space. Here is our robot from Round Up and we didn’t have to be terribly precise while intaking:

One could argue that the elements are completely different between Round Up and Skyrise, but they both consist of a cylindrical base. The Skyrise element just contains a cylindrical base, top, and sides. Intaking a stack of donuts from Round Up would be strikingly similar to intaking a cube from Skyrise.

PS: Thanks for the comments on the number! Most people who get the joke behind the number are parents at competitions.

Does this mean that you are thinking of intaking the sections with something similar to a catfish intake? :wink:

Yes. We also have another mechanism for indexing. It’s hard to explain, but when it’s up and running, we will post pictures and videos.