8746A Change Up Reveal/Recap

Hey, everyone. I’m not usually one for robot reveals but I think this year I have something that I’d like to share with the community. When I saw Change Up released I was certainly underwhelmed, but at least was hoping to see some unique robot designs. Since the meta was quickly established as a hoodbot, I was disappointed. Seeing the same type of robot over and over for yet another season seemed boring to me, and I had a feeling that a tray lift could still be a viable competitive option. Since I knew this would be a year not like any other, I decided to push a non meta option and strive to make it as competitive of a design as possible. I designed this robot to match many of the features of a hood that a standard tray could not accomplish. I have really enjoyed working on something different, and having a final working solution that is completely my own. I also hope my efforts may serve to show that off meta ideas can still be made to be viable. Sometimes it’s fun to be creative and unique, as well as take on a different challenge, as opposed to simply feeling boxed into one standard model. I hope you enjoy my reveal, and maybe even take inspiration for the future! There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing unique robot designs! Good luck in tipping point!

Thanks to @94999E_Yokai for editing!


Had fun teaming up with you at worlds!
Amazing robot.


dude… this is sick! Just goes to show a non-meta bot can still be better than the majority of the meta designs! I don’t wanna know how long it took you to get the geometry right on that thing…


Thank you!

Not as long as you might think actually. CAD helped a lot because it’s much faster to experiment there. I did shift everything one hole when building after the cad simply because I didn’t want to depend on the bars compressing into each other to score